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I'll give it a shot:

Red buck:
-Looks to be a nice width
-Long bodied
-Good legs
-Good rump slope
-Good feet/hooves/pasturns
-Seems to know his job!
-Nice set of horns :)

-Uphill from chine (or is that winter hair?)
-Body is narrow from top to bottom (I believe that's called depth of body?)
-Top line is not level
-Well built, but could have some more muscle

Black buck:
The Nubian is coming out in his width, muscling and overall he has a light look, not a heavy boer body. Has a slight dairy look, very slight, though.

-his tail is big for such a little guy!
-Well blended
-Top line is pretty good
-Rump's got a lovely slope
-Nice feet/pasturns

-I think he could have a more powerful front end-lack of brisket
-He could have a longer body
-Not too much muscle, yet
-Back legs look a little posty...
-Front legs aren't straight
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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