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I love the way My Bootsie will be standoffish until I get the brush out a start using it on Angel, then she "quietly" puts herself between Angel and me so she gets the attention, she ONLY does this with Angel!
The contentment they all have on a quiet summer evening just laying around chewing their cuds.
The way they make the barn smell like Christmas time after I have given them my Christmas tree! Nothing like a piney goat belch!
When my girls know that I comfort them during labor and kidding, and the sweet way they talk to their babies afterwards.
There are so many ways that my goats help keep me sane....believe it or not cause we all know how they can drive us nuts, alot of times I get so depressed thinking that I'll never be a mom that I think of my goats when I feel that my life isn't worth living without children...they keep me sane because they NEED me and they show their love for me when I don't have any hope left.
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