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what do I love about goats.....

The way they lay with thier heads on each other's bellies or backs to sleep.
The way kids jump on thier momma's back to go for a ride.
The way each new kid is obviously certain that THEY invented jumping and running!
The way they remember who thier friends are - reguardless of their species.
The way my buck Pierre poses for pictures at shows when he hears someone say "look over here boy".
The way it felt several years ago when a controlled burn got a bit un-controlled and the flames started heading towards the barn. I ran up through the fire (just a grass fire, nothing heroic) to get ahead of the fire and hose down the area, and when they saw me coming through the flames my frightened goats ran TOWARDS me - and the fire - because they knew I'd take care of them.........I felt very humbled, and very loved!
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