What is a Dished face?

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    Hi all!
    This is probably a silly question but I was curious and couldn't find the answer online. I was reading the ADGA's breed standards (http://adga.org/breed-standards/) for some breeds of goats (specifically Nigerian Dwarves since that is what I mainly have) and noticed it said,

    "..The face is either straight or dished.."
    What is a straight face? Or dished face?:what::shrug:

    I've never seen/heard of a straight or dished face on a Nigerian Dwarf (just never noticed it) so if anybody could share a picture I would really love to see it!

    Thanks so much in advance! :)

    Sorry this is a silly question..
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    Think of a boer with a roman nose. That’s the breed standard, but there are also boers with straight heads. A dished head is when the nose dips in - which is the exact opposite of a roman nose.

    Roman nose

    Straight nose

    Dish nose
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    Thank you so much! Those pictures were super helpful.
    I think both of my girls have dished noses.
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    for more examples, look up Arabian horses and pay attention to the face pics...
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    Wow! You can see the dished face very clearly on the Arabian horses. Thank you!
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