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What is an Extended Pedigree?

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Apparently it costs $6, but I don't know what it is. Google doesn't seem to know either. Is this something I want? It's popping up as an optional add on when I fill out my MDGA registration forms.

I wish they explained things better for new people. I feel so lost!
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I beleive it will be a family tree so to speak. All the relations and how they are related. I don't get one for my does..but if you are selling quality bucks, some breeders may appreciate it.
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It's one that goes 6 generations back. Normal registrations are 3 generations.
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Don’t know how, but I missed all your responses until just now! Thanks everyone for the info! I think I will get one since the cost is so low. Might be neat to see a little more of what lines my goats came from and such.

Is there a way to look back even further? Being so new to the whole registration process, I’m really not sure how it all works. What all do they keep track of, and how do you access it? Like, can I see photos of my goats’ great-great grandparents somewhere? That would be awesome.
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