What is the best vaccination schedule for kids?

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    Jun 8, 2020
    I have 3 goats: Leo is 4 weeks, Henry and Gifford are 11 weeks. Leo has not had any vaccinations yet, his breeder recommended CD/T starting at 4 weeks. The breeder of my other two gave CD/T at 8 weeks and recommended that they get it again at 90 days. Online most of the advice seems to be that you only give CD/T twice, once at 8 weeks and once 3 to 4 weeks later, but some sites recommend a 3-dose regimen (4, 8, and 12 weeks). These are my first goats so I haven't done vaccinations before (but I have experience giving them to puppies and horses). What is the best vaccination schedule?
    Also, should I be doing any other vaccinations right now?
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    Lots of different thoughts on this. - BUT always do a booster for the first vac withing 2-4 weeks - I do three. When to start is a question. I prefer later IF the dam was vaccinated and up to date prior to kidding. People who choose the earlier dates do typically do it three times.
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    I vaccinate my does, 1 month prior to kidding.

    The kids will get their first CD&T vaccine shot at 2 months old, then 21 to 28 days later. And ready to go to their new homes. ;)
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    I vaccinate the doe one month before kidding and then vaccinate the kids at 1 month and again at 2 months old.
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    I also strongly recommend a pneumonia vaccination