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What is!?

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What is are what should be the best feed to for France lop's!?


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You got jokes, I didn't ask you... I just wanted to see what else someone else might think is good...
I'm not sure.. My boyfriend gets the feed because if it was up to me I'll get that high dollar stuff...
I'm sorry I'm not good with this website... I just really start using it... I have been more of a learn as I go with it, but just thought it might not hurt to ask what else someone else use are so on! He said I over feed them but I know Rabbit's are made to eat all day long, I have them toys... Hay...
Are these pets? If they are pets, you might want to consider looking at House Rabbit Society feeding suggestions. I fed my rabbits more hay and greens and almost no pellets. But they were spayed/neutered indoor pets.
I have meat rabbits and pets... I have mini Rex, France lop, (getting a buck this week) neither lands, lionheads, the meat rabbits are just a little of every kind.. I give them hay and toys to help with there teeth... And vegs though out the week.. So the feed at really needed?
If you are breeding and using them for meat, then you would want to use pellets. Not sure how much. I never had more than pets and they couldn't even reproduce.
For our Californians used for meat and breeding, we used purina (I think it's called rabbit chow) and Lonestar rabbit feed. We fed 3-5 ounces a day. Also put apple cider vinegar in their water (2 tbsp per 1 gal of water) and gave baby carrots, and bananas every once in a while.
I do that but not the water... What does that do in there water?
I did it to boost the fertility in my females. But it also helps with overall health and condition
once a day are every time you give them water!? I know I change water 4-5 times a day...
I just filled an old milk jug with water and the apple cider vinegar and filled their bottles up with that whenever it was needed
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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