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So, we sat the hay feeder on the ground until my DH could get it hung up and this is what I learned... It has to be hung up or covered so they can't stand on top of the hay! I know it's not the ideal feeder and we're working on a better one - it's what I had to get started with.

Then, my daughter let my momma hen and her chick out of the rabbit hutch they are sleeping in at night (it's inside the goat/chicken run) and she left the door open. I came out a few minutes later and found a new breed of rabbit...

They'd gotten in and the door had shut behind them!

Boy - they sure do like to get into, onto, under, around everything they can. I knew that would be the case from listening to all of you but when you see it everyday it's hilarious. I just have to think like a goat now to make sure they don't get hurt!!

Chameroun was helping in the chicken coop and I turned around to find her in the nest box! That's almost two feet off the floor and only 12" high and about 22" wide!! I didn't have my camera for that one - too bad. She was laying there perfectly comfortable staring at me.
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