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What kind of worm do you see?

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Just did a fecal float on my pregnant doe. Just started with this and this is my first fecal test. Does this look like something to you?
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the big large things are air trapped under the slide. Without knowing the resolution it's hard to make more guesses. Right now I'd say, there's one worm-egg: left outer side, a bit over the mid-line of the slide picture. Most common would be some type of roundworm.
This is set at 4x. I also have 10x and 40x on here. Goat has diarrhea and I thought maybe these were possible eggs or worms. Should I have this at a different setting? And thank you!!
Wow what a difference even at 10x, now I see what I need to be looking at! Geesh,I have to laugh because I seriously thought those air bubbles were trouble! Lol
Ok here are new pics with a new sample at 40x, I tried to get a good picture of it with my iphone but from the pictures I see in the parasitology book, I may be looking at coccidia. If Anyone can confirm I would appreciate it. Sky Full moon Automotive lighting Astronomical object Moonlight
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sorry, can't recognize anything. Coccidia would explain the diarrhea
Ok. I'm trying here, I guess when I get a little more experienced with this I will have the hang of it . Thankyou
Take a better look at the tiniest ones on your slides , those could most likely be coccidia . But the bigger ones are air bubbles .
Man , the last time I saw a fecal under a scope was soooooo long ago !
Memories are a beautiful thing , even if it is only fecals , :lol:
Oh tricky this is so tricky! Lol I have never do e this and wish I had a little more experience with it. Pregnant doe, sudden diarrhea, losing weight. I treated her with panacur last week and red cell for anemia, anemia is gone, weight is still bad, diarrhea started yesterday.
I would start treatment for coccidia. It tends to hit faster than worms.
AWw , I'm sorry :( Are you giving Probios ? You could give her electrolytes for her diarrhea so she doesn't get dehydrated.
Poor baby. I didn't see a thread about her , did you put one
up ? You will get ideas on what to do for her. Cathy "happy bleats" or any of the mods here will give you good advice on what to do :)
I know , its tough when they are sick and we are just learning.
But you are so brave for doing fecals ! I never knew anyone ( until I got into goats , that is , and found this forum ) that would attempt to do their own fecals and learn all there was to learn about it ! I mean , who would get that close to poo ? Anyways , your doing great , pat yourself on the back :) Like I said , I don't know if you started a thread about your doe , but I would if I were you. And if you did , I'm sorry I didn't see it :)
yes , the cocci can take them down fast , so better to treat for it IMO .
How much did your microscope cost? I'd love to do my own fecals.
I did not post a thread about her. Since I just discovered her diarrhea yesterday, I decided to post this thread instead to see if anyone could see a problem in the sample that I of course cannot. She does not have a temp and is eating anything I give her, but since I am new to goats since April (these goats were left with us, owner never returning), I am learning so much from this forum and the folks on here.

I got the microscope from amazon, well I should not even know that because it was a gift for Christmas from my fiancé. Hee hee.
I will take a picture of it so you can see what kind it is, it really is a good scope and I got a book to go along with it. I hope to get these goats healthy and in good enough shape to find wonderful homes for them but in the meanwhile, I have devoted all my time, money, and love to these babies and love them dearly. I am in hopes to learn how to see what I need to in this microscope to save on vet trips but I don't mind taking her if need to be. Toy Font Lego Fictional character Games
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I'm new at this too but with my doe......same signs as your doe by the way. But when I did a fecal for her which was my first time I saw those same things on your pictures. The only thing that came close to matching was cocci so I went ahead and treated her and runs have been gone now and we.are still working on gaining weight. So in short lol I also say treat for cocci ;)
Jessica, how did you treat? Just curious because I see a few people do different things and if your treatment worked, I sure would like to try. My doe is pregnant though, do not know if that would make a difference? thank you for your kind advice.
I've used Sulmet which is safe for pregos. Some people say it's not as effective as other treatments but it's worked for me.
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