What meds to use and when?

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    Hello All,
    I had a problem last year with the little ones passing away at about 4-7weeks and no signs of them being ill. Twice it happened after we had a weel rain and bad weather and once on a kid that was a twin and he had issues from the start so I was not surprised he did not make it. :(
    I have one nigora that has twins a few days ago and I want make sure I do all I can to protect them. We are expecting rain this weekend and when it's not raining it cold. :shrug:
    Can I get feedback on what shots people give and when/what they deworm the kids? Maybe I'm doing something wrong by not giving them meds to prevent whatever seems to kill them. I heard there is a shot for pnemona(spelling wrong I know), but my Vet has not heard of one.
    Another doe had twins the next day. but both where still born. (I guess) :( She must have just popped them out and left them in the cold alone. I thought one was breathing and rushed them to the Vet, but it was too late. Her last 2 kids are the ones that have died so maybe it is something with her. :shrug:
    Any advise would be great. I really dont want to loose any this year. The nigoria twins are too cute and already running around everywhere and jumping on everything. :laugh:
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    As far as vaccinations go, mama should have CD/T boostered 4 weeks before she delivers and the kids at 6 and 9 weeks then again at 6 months. Pastuerella Pneumonia can also be vaccinated for...these are available thru Jeffers Supply.

    Coccidia can be an issue as well, but most infected kids usually will show signs of diarrhea and fever when they have an overload.

    I am, so sorry you have been losing babies.....any chance you can have a necropsie done to see what exactly caused the deaths?

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    So sorry you have had such bad luck recently.

    I would have a fecal done on your herd. If the moms have cocci it can quickly kill a kid when its young. Any kids who show signs of being unthrifty should have their temperature checked. Normal temp is 101-103

    wet weather is when cocci thrive -- and the kids are the right age to have an infestation that is enough to kill them. not saying that is your problem but it is a good possibility.

    There are medicines available but I would like to first suggest you get a fecal done to find otu if this is an issue in your herd.

    I am not a big vaccine pusher but do note when you do give vaccines it needs to eb when their immune system is actually functioning, this isnt the case when real young, thats why mom's colostrum is so important.

    The Pasturella Pneumonia vaccine only vaccinates against one strain of pasturella and while it is worth if you suspect your goats may come in contact with pasturella it is not a for sure that they wont ever get it.

    As to other meds: One should always have onhand a general antibiotic, penicillin, and a stronger one - oxytetracyline (LA 200, Biomycin, or Duramycin) for respiratory issues. Both given 1cc per 20lbs

    Do all your goats kid in the cold weather? is this planned? You might want to look into later spring kiddings so that the kids dont just die from the cold. Also culling those mothers who arent good mothers might be inorder unless you can be there for the kiddings.
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    Any time you have multiple deaths in your herd, it's a good idea to have a necropsy done. With these kids, I'd start them on coccicia prevention at three weeks old. I use liquid sulfa I get from the vet. I'd also vaccinate them with CDT and if you think pneumonia is an issue, with a vaccine for that. I'd also check the stalls for ammonia odor. In wet weather, the goats are indoors more, peeing on their bedding. Babies are prone to inhalation pneumonia from that. I always have Nuflor on hand for pneumonia.
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    Just wondering what you have for the does to kid in. Where do you live? Wind, cold, rain and mud are a quick sentence for a small newborn goat. Im not judging, I've had to attempt to bring a few kids back that were born in the wrong places because I didn't pen my does up soon enough. I know that in places like texas pasture kidding might work but here in indiana it would be a miracle if any survived.