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    Nov 9, 2015
    I have an 8 month old Boer doe not doing so well. Very anemic and scourry. She was dewormed twice in July but it obviously wasn't effective. She was dewormed using Cydectin last Tuesday when I noticed a serious color change (or lack of color) in her eye lids.

    She is getting every treatment I know to give her. My vet has been out and I am consulting with the vet daily. For the last several days, she's been getting vit b, corid, red cell (in tiny doses), nutridrench, and fluids subq.

    She seems to be getting worse. Lack of energy, disinterested in hay & grain, not drinking much water.

    Reaching out for help/advice/encouragement. This little girl is really special to me.
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    Anytime some one is off like that in addition to high fortified B I give probious along with.
    I would also give electrolytes;

    Half gal hot water
    2-5 Tablespoon unsulfured molasses
    1-2 Tablespoon any kind of salt or baking soda
    One cup ACV (apple cider vinegar)

    You might have to drench her with it.

    It wouldnt hurt to have a fecal done.

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    What is her temp? If high start antibiotics right away.

    I agree get a fecal could be cocci as well as worms.

    How much wormer was used and the goats weight? Did you give it 10 days later?

    We need to get feed and water into her. The rumen doesn't work without it.
    Grind up Alfalfa pellets with water make a slurry. Get 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of the pellets and mix with water or electrolytes. Give it to her very slowly at the back corner of her mouth. Every 2 hours or so, have hay and clean water out for her in case she decides to eat on her own. If you can and she wants to walk her around to nibble on brush or pasture grasses. Get a turkey baster(new) or a big syringe to feed the pellet/water. You want the feed to flow easily and not plug the feeder (turkey baster) ect. Make up a new batch each time. If she coughs stop until she stops coughing then continue. Don't allow her to lay down too long or on her side.

    When did you start the corid? She may have cocci. How was the corid mixed and what dosage was given? Her weight?
    Vit B complex shouldn't be given with corid.

    Red cell is given 6 cc per 100 lbs for 1 week, monitor the color if it gets to looking better, stop at anytime. If though, it is still pale after 1 week give it 1 x a week until close to being back to a safe color on Famancha chart. It doesn't have to be perfect. Remember too, red cell has iron in it as well as nutradrench.

    If she is copper deficient she cannot fight off the worms well.
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    Nov 9, 2015
    Thank you for the replies. She is getting electrolytes in her water. She's been drinking fine until yesterday so I started syringing the electrolytes yesterday. She was dewormed twice in July- with the correct dosage for her weight each time. I used Ivermectin then. Cydectin was given on Tuesday by the vet (Vet was already there doing fecals on all goats and had the Cydectin on hand) so I can't say what dosage but I know it was correct. She will graze and is still eating leaves and some grass but has lost interest in hay/grain the past two days. She seemed better this evening after getting fluids in. She will be dewormed again this week. I'm stopping the daily red cell on Tuesday (she's been getting 2cc per day... She's slways been a little thing).

    I started the corid on Wednesday. Mixed the powdered corid according to directions and was pretty precise about it. She's been getting 6cc of the corid a day (per vet's guidance). I've never heard that corid plus b12 are a bad combo. I raise calves as well and have always combined the two. I'll have to look into that.

    Thank you so much for your input. I'll update how she is later.
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    Glad you have a vet involved and hope she turns around for you soon!

    I just wanted to add.. don't assume your July deworming was ineffective. Another heavy parasite load could have developed over the past month. Especially if she was grazing on short pasture (often happens come August!) Without fecal analysis before and after the July deworming, it's impossible to say how effective it is. But it is a very tough year for parasites in some parts of the country so having a 2nd heavy load is not impossible.
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    I agree.

    You are welcome.

    Let us know what the fecal says.

    Have you tried a different hay? I find when my goats are not feeling well they don't want the Alfalfa, they prefer oat hay. Don't feed grain while she is not feeling well.

    Keep the fluids (electrolytes) going, dehydration can bring her down.

    She should of finished her corid treatment yesterday now you can rebuild her gut with probiotics and fortified vit B complex or straight thiamine, it will also help boost her appetite. Given 6 cc per 100 lbs for 3 to 4 days. You cannot over dose it.

    It isn't the B12, it is B1(thiamine) not good to use at the same time as the corid.