What should I do?????

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    I had a doe miscarry her triplets today :tears: ... she wasn't due until December 16th?? I've never had a doe abort before and I'd like to find out WHY?? Do you know of anywhere I can send one of the fetuses for a necropsy??

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    I am so sorry :hug: I am thinking that WADDL or maybe even a vet school in your state may be able to do a necropsy.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I would contact a local vet to see if they know who is the best in your area or where to send it.

    I'm sorry :hug:

    Did you have the doe long? was she purchased bred?
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    I am so sorry for your loss..... :( :hug:

    I would contact the vet as well....they would know ...where to go... in your area.... :hug:
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    Jess, either the county animal control or the the county vet does necropsies here . In San DIego,m it's about 60 dollars ... look in the phone book under "county vet" or animal control. Or call the animal shelter and they'll give you the number.

    Sorry to hear that!
  6. It could be Chlamydia. This is a bacteria that can multiply only in living cells. The disease is characterized by abortions, and they are normally towards the end of the pregnancy. Stillbirths and weak kids are other signs. There is practically no way to tell when a goat has this. Blood tests are the only way to be for sure. LA 200 can be used to treat this and there are some vacines too I believe. If this is the case, it can be spread by your buck to other does. So if you see it again in another doe, treat her as well. That is just one thought.

    Then there is a disease they can get by cats and I can't remember everything about it. I will try and find the info I have on it.

    She could have also gotten butted and just lost them. Then there is heavy wormers that can do the same. The chanses are not great but there non the less.

    I am sorry to hear this but you should have a vet school in your area or your vet can also send it out to be tested. However, if it lies within your doe bloodwork will be needed.

    Hope that helps and sorry again to hear your loss. :(
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    It could be any number or reasons. Clamydia is the number one cause of early deliveries. She could of gotten hit by another doe. She could of gone through some stress. It could be as simple as you changing feed pasture or getting a new goat. There could of been something wrong with the kids. There could of been a hormone imbalance in your doe. Sometimes you just never can tell.
    Hope you find the reason.
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    Clamydia definately could be a cause. I would find out soon cause any does that are pregnant could start aborting soon if they were exposed to the other doe. I had a hard time this lat winter with clamydia and lost several kids because of abortions. Luckily I was able to treat them before they all lost kids, but it's not fun to deal with at all. Best to get it figured out asap. The doe may have been hit in the side by another doe as well, but I would see what can be done to ensure no more abort.
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    Oct 12, 2009
    Are you thinking of toxoplasmosis?
  10. Yep, and here is the info on that.

    Toxoplasmosis - Is a very common infection in goats. This is gotten by a coccidium of cats. Cats get infected by eating raw meat, and small rodents. Goats then get it by eating grass, and hay exsposted to these cat feces. This can cause abortion, stillbirths and weak kids. Even though keeping cats away may help it will also increase your rats/mice etc that can carry other diseases. These animals will stay infected for the remainder of their lives. This can casuse abortion down the line so the best thing to do is rid of a goat like this. Feeding decoquinate or monensin while pragnant may cut down on your odds of abortion. These are often found in goat medicated feed.

    There is also Q Fever, bacterial, and Listeriosis, a type of parisite found in soil, that will cause abortions as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    Nov 1, 2009
    wow thats really to bad... :(