What the goats do when no one is looking

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    This is a 6 hour time lapse of our back yard compressed into 30 seconds. The camera was set up to shoot 1 frame per minute. I'm going to try to set this up somewhere else to give a better view of their movements throughout the day and bump up the frame rate so it's a little smoother.

    If you have a quick eye you can see the team on the far side of the lake around the 17 second mark.


    You can also see how we have the place set up. Chickens in the back yard, the goats get the rest of the property. Electric web wire keeps the goats from climbing on the chicken pens, something the chickens don't appreciate one bit. This view shows two of the rain shelters, the hay rack is out of frame to the left.
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    lol they just go back- and forth! oh the life of a goat :)
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    That's soooooo cooooooooooooool. I love that lake/pond/body of water.
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    Busy chickens you got there...<lol> The camera - How'd you mount it? Does it talk to your PC? It's awesome!

    Deb Mc
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    The camera is a Canon 7D fitted with a Meike interval timer set on a tripod in the bedroom window with a 58mm polarizer to cut the reflection from the glass.

    You're actually only seeing about 1/3 of the lake. It runs to the property line off to the right and the widest part curves around to the left. It's huge, but the way it's laid out it fits inside the property lines. Completely private. You get a better look at it here, some of the segments we shot for the fishing video.


    The goats make a cameo in that one, too. That was the day they were crunching acorns and made my camera audio rumble.

    You can see it's pretty much a hook up for the team. The terrain gives them lots of places to climb and hide, their shelters are shaded in the summer and shielded from the worst of the wind. They're spoiled and it'll be sad to see them go when we sell.
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    Great video's.... it was interesting seeing ...the goats pattern of movement back and forth...LOL ...Oh the funny ways of a goat... thanks for sharing... :wink: :greengrin: :thumbup:
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    Two questions:

    1. Which one are you in the fishing vid?

    2. Are you moving? (You said "when we sell")
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    That was cool. It would be nice to see it a little slower, and smoother like you said. They kindof "popped" around here and there, it was a bit hard to follow. But I LOVED the idea of it. I kept thinking, what were the chickens so interested in? (They kept going to the bottom right hand corner)