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Real quick, I love watching patterns on the forum - for instance, early spring tends to get a lot of parasite questions, etc.

I’ve seen an awful lot of questions about goats having goopy eyes, stuffy noses, runny noses, etc. and I wanted to put out a message for anyone needing help if they are searching around the forum for an answer, other mentors feel free to chime in:

When any issues occur with eyes, nose, or throat, take a rectal temp immediately!! If there is a fever that goes along with a runny nose with snot or goopy eyes, or even sniffles, that can indicate pneumonia.

If there’s no fever, and the goat is acting normally, it could be something environmental, like allergies, or it could be a little cold or irritation. Here’s what you can do for runny nose, sniffles, eye or nose boogers:

Put VetRX in the nostrils of the goat to clear breathing passageways.

Give the goat garlic, to boost the immune system, 2-3 cloves daily for a few days then back off to 1-2 cloves, raw.

Benadryl can be given if allergies are suspected, dosage is that on the label for humans. Too much will cause drowsiness.

Now for the EYES -

If there are NO other symptoms (runny nose, sniffles) and you are only noticing a runny or goopy eye (again, with no fever and normal behavior) treat the eye directly. Terramycin ointment is a great one for this. Garlic and vitamin c chewables can be given internally as support!

If any conditions persist, consult the forum again!!! :):)
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