What to do when a whether won't leave pregnant doe alone.

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    Hi, I'm new to having goats, but I just love them. I have two Nigerian Dwarfs one doe and one whether and also a Nubian that I bred to a Nigerian Dwarf buck. My little whether is about 7 months old, and he has started trying to mount my Nubian who is obviously pregnant. She is due in March. Should I separate him from my two does? I'm not sure what to do.

    Also, is it normal for a ND to start acting offish? My doe used to be so friendly, but now she runs from us and is very skittish. I'm worried about what to do when she kids and I want to milk her. I've been trying to get her used to the milk stand, but she will sit down if I mess with her at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Is the wether a full wether? Is it possible that he has an undescended testicle, still up in his body? Pregnant does do release hormones that can mimic heat. Or, your wether is just being a pain in the neck kid growing up. They do mount each other to show who is dominant, playing and sometimes just being jerks! You may have to separate him from the doe who is preg.

    Some does get hormonal and act standoff ish. Be there (if you can) when she kids and let her lick you as well as the baby. Their udders can be sensitive when preg. but after they kid, tend to be less sensitive. I wouldn't put her on the stand if she insists on sitting, that is just teaching her a bad habit. But, if you do have to put her up there, place a small hay bale under her, so she cannot sit!

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    I would not separate them for now unless the wether is being really rough or the doe is getting stressed. Keep an eye on them though, especially as your doe nears her last month of pregnancy. That's the time when a hard hit to the side can cause a miscarriage. If the wether is only mounting and not being rough I wouldn't worry about it too much unless the doe is getting chased and stressed out by his behavior. You might find that as your doe nears her due date she starts defending herself very aggressively, and this might be a good lesson in manners for your young wether, particularly since your doe is probably considerably bigger than he is. This is the best age for him to learn how to behave in a herd so it would be a shame to separate him if he can be kept with the girls safely.

    I have several does whose personalities change when they become pregnant. Sometimes the standoffish ones become friendly, and other times it's the opposite. Girls that I thought were my best friend suddenly want nothing to do with me! Then they have the kids and their personalities usually go back to the way they were before they got pregnant. I blame the hormones.

    I agree with GoatsRock that getting your girl up on the stanchion and handling her udders is not necessary. In fact, I generally recommend against it. They are definitely a lot more sensitive during pregnancy so you're more likely to make her sour. Also, you don't want to accidentally encourage early lactation. I don't handle the udders at all until after kidding and I haven't had a problem with kicky goats. However, getting her up and down from the stanchion just to eat some grain and get petted is good practice and also helps keep her hind end toned. If she associates the stanchion with good things she'll be less likely to misbehave later. Good luck!
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    I would separate, if he is stressing her, she can abort with him chasing and trying to ride her.
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    I have a question piggybacking off this thread. I have a similar setup. What do you do with the wether when the does give birth? Will he hurt the kids? Do I need to seperate him for a while and keep the does in the barn and him in his own yard and shelter for a specific amount of time? My wether happens to be the kid of one of my does and they have never been separated. Any suggestions would be greatly helpful.
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    You will just have to see how the wether treats them and go from there. Be prepared to remove him if he does try to hurt the kids. But we have no idea if he will or not. Every goat is different.
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    My wether Sputnik is the son of my (now deceased) herd queen. He's HUGE and he would hang out with his mama and whatever kids she had with her. He kind of acted like the big brother he was. Now that his mother is gone, Sputnik hangs out with his younger half-sister who is now having kids of her own. Sometimes keeping the families together works out great.
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