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what to do.....

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Ok i raise nubian an boer an well they don't come in heat like i though they should is it them my billy our what am i doing wrong any luck i have is babies in feb. to mar.

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Most of the girls here are pretty quiet. Sometimes the flagging is barely notice able & sometimes not.
About the end of July I just brought a couple at a time to the buck & left them in there still I saw evidence of coverage.
How old is your buck?
Has he had anything that could throw the sperm count down?
Hmm... Are you keeping your buck with the does? If so, are you sure he's not bred any? Some does are very quiet when they are in heat.
We have one that the only reason I even knew she was in heat/bred is because the buck we used the last 2 years always made a big deal out of it <he was a noisy!>. Otherwise you'd never have known. This year with the buck we used, had no idea, except we saw white goo on her backend/tail.
Are you pen breeding or hand breeding?
I have no kids so once a week i stick him in to see if he reacts to anything... he's a new young buck. But the last 2 years it was kingtut before we lost him but its been like this even before the new buck. Like they don't need a man lol i got getto goats.

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We tried the tracks of 18/21 days an its crazy most of my goats r nubian an a few boer an i know they will kid but id like to try an have more of a timing on it.

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Well some goats can have very sudden short visual heats while others you will notice. One thing that I have seen happen before is that if you are keeping them located were they can see each other 24/7 or for a fair amount of time you can move them out of view for 2 weeks and then re-introduce them to jump interest in each other.

I agree with the above that maybe he has already covered them or maybe when you put him in once a week it is already past their signs of heat.

I have Nubians and one boer and they are pretty good about showing signs. I have three that are extremely vocal when they are starting to come into heat.

Is there a reason that you only put him in once a week? I normally put mine together in breeding lots or small pasture turnouts for two cycles in order to know that they were covered and took. I always mark the first cycle and then wait to see if they come back in. Whether or not I see them covered in the first cycle time I still expose them for two cycles.

Hope this helps.
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Some are just sneaky, working at night. One year someone was here who I never did see perform, but 5 mos later everyone kidded the same week.
I only 5 doe's so an the older 2 pretty much leadin on it so i was hoping the other three would hopefully get in on the same time frame. Could my jake b stressing them which there in the field next to them an not with thim.

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Oh id love for that to happen Nancy d

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Jacks.... sorry 8)

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If you're penning them with the buck one a week, you might not be penning them when they are in heat, so you may be missing it entirely.
Try walking them to the buck pen at least once daily.
Ok. Thanks guys i beginning to think they were jus not into it caz they jus look the other way even on weeks i didn't bring him around the jus don't show signs of heat an there checked daily dad swears Nella is with kid but she's not point down she's fluffy like her stomachs are in high gear.

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Newbie question...what's the difference between pen breeding and hand breeding?
With pen breeding you turn the buck into the does pen for a predetermined number of days. With hand breeding you keep track of when the does come in heat and take them to the bucks pen for a predetermined number of days.
Well in my book (but remember I did equine repro work for a long time) pen breeding is turning them out together. Hand breeding is just that. You breed in hand such as put a lead line or halter on each animal, doe and buck. Have someone hold the line to the doe and someone lead the buck up to her and allow him to cover her in hand. This can be done every day or every other day for a certain amount of time depending on their cycle. With horses I always ultrasounded them to know when they were close and then allowed hand breeding every other day for a couple/few times pending ultrasound results. Hope this helps.
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