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What type of dewormer do you use??

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I am looking at ordering some dewormer, as I really do not like the one that I have. It seems like to much work and well it is!

I am curious - what type of dewormer do you use for your adults, pregnant dams, and for the kids?

Thank you
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i rotate between three different kind of wormers. As different wormers kill differnt types of worms. zMost of the year o go between ivermectin and safegaurd. Then in the middle of the summer and after everyone kids they get eith valbazen or ivermectin injectable. Both can not be used on pregnant does. they are both really expensive but a little goes a long ways. I split it with another goat friend of mine. mainly use these kinds because they get round worms. ivermectin injectable is also good for liver flukes.

So what do you use on pregnant does?
All kinds of Ivermectin is safe to use on pregnant does.
safegaurd and ivermectin paste. Valbazen is not safe to use on pregnant does. Im not sure about the injectable kind. But i usually use the valbazen because its a little cheaper. $30 for a gallon jug. injectable runs around sity. Its a very small amount but still ouch on my pocket book.
At what age can you start giving it to kids, and how do you dose it for mini goats?

Thank you
well if you worm your does the kids will get wormer through the milk. I usually worm my kids for the first time at about four months, after they are weaned.
I imagine the dosage trules would be the same for little goats, weight tape them and then double that and give them enough wormer for that weight.
I've been using ivermectin injectable, dosed at 1cc per 30 pounds. Safeguard for the tapes. Ivermectin is safe for pregnant does.
I use ivermectin horse paste and ivomec cattle injectable only I give it orally. I also use Quest if they have bottle jaw because I was told that it is the same as using Cydectin only cheaper.
Allison, Can I suggest that you get with your vet and see what dewormers DO NOT work in your area?
It all depends on what your weather is like, if you are a dry or a humid area, and lots of different thing factor in to what should be done, also the type of worms or eggs that you are trying to treat. I never give a dewormer just because it is time. I do a fecal on them and see if they even need it and if they do what I need to treat for. Just my two cents :2cents:
I am in a very dry area in the summer so I do not have to give anything unless we get a really wet spring or summer, then you have to see what type of worms or eggs they have.
I am using Ivermectin with success here. I have used cydectin once with a doe that just kidded and I have also used ComboCare gel for horses. I can get Ivermectin horse wormer cheap so I use the horse paste and dose at three times the amount for horses.
i use safeguard and pour on eprinex.The reason i use the eprinex is that i also use it on the chickens that i raise
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