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I got this message from a well known person that owns goats. Which they only worm goats with natural remedy? Just want to know what others think?? Should I do it? Never tried a natural remedy is the message I received

This won't hurt them chemically speaking like the store bought wormers. It is very effective, but if you use it for worming, must be done often. I use it every week-end, but I alternate it with another natural method. But still I use something every weekend. Clean water during the week.
1 Tablespoon Twenty Mule Team Borax per gallon of water.
That's all.

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Unless you study up on it and feel comfortable, I would not use Borax. If you overdose that, you could harm your goats. If they are telling you that they do something else as well, then they should be giving you their whole regimen, not part of it. I would not do anything when you aren't being given the full details and aren't given a good explanation.

There is nothing wrong with going the natural route but you need to understand that it must be done more frequently and you need to do the proper amount of whatever you are using.

If you do a search on here, there are threads that give more detail on using herbs for deworming.
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