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Howdy folks,
My first post here, this is a great forum! We've had meat goats for a few years now and just getting into the working-goat thing...wish I had found this site years ago. Would have made life much easier!

What vaccines do ya'll use on your pack goats, anything out of the ordinary from what you would use on goats that never leave the farm? Since they are out on the road in uncontrollable situations it seems like they need all the vaccine protection that is available, right?

Our meat does just get CDT & pasturella (learned that one the hard way), but this seems inadequate for goats that venture out into the big bad world often. There are CL and Clymidia vaccines available, and probably lots of off-label vaccines. What is ya'lls thoughts on the amount of vaccine protection needed for goats on the road? Thanks!
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