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    Jul 25, 2010
    Totally irritated. I few years ago I planted Elderberry and Spicebush between our pond and the road, just within the line from the powerlines, and in line with some other (small) crabapple trees on our property. I wanted to help the wildlife, and screen the pond from the road, but purposely picked plants that would not grow so tall that the power company would feel obliged to lop them off. They were finally starting to do really well, the Elderberries were about 4 feet tall, and the spicebush were taller than the weeds, so i didn't have to do as much coddling this year as i have in the past. A couple weeks ago the town came through mowing the ditch, like they have always done, and I just found out they LOPPED OFF MY BUSHES!!! I have no idea why they were so far onto our property, they have never gone further than the ditch, which was a good 3 feet away from where my plants were growing. They must have known they were running over stuff, b/c i had those plastic rings that you put around plants protecting them, and there were chunks of white plastic everywhere. I feel like yelling at someone but there was no one around to vent onto today. grrrrrrrr

    It isn't that they were expensive, the plants came from the county and cost about $2 each, but my time that i spent planting them, weeding them and watering them when it was dry was very valuable. Plus i really wanted something there, b/c the pond is very close to the road, like 10 or 12 feet away, and the kids like to play by the pond all the time. I am sure they will say that i planted in 'their' right of way, but they were the ones that put the new bigger powerlines up further within everyone's property - what is next, my rose hedge will be mowed down? That's only a couple more feet inside the property line from where they mowed this time.

    I ended up digging up all the remnants i could find and replanted them elsewhere. I plan to call the town on Tuesday, but i was always told that if you have a complaint you should have an idea of what you want to resolve the problem, and I don't know what i should ask for - obviously i can't get my plants back, but i want assurances that this won't happen again

    Has anyone else had problems like this?
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    Since the plants were on your property get the town to replace them.... they do not have the right to damage your property. I once had a problem with Duke Energy spraying under their power poles... they sprayed my fruit trees and we went round and round but they bought 10' replacement trees and had an arborist plant them... 12 of them. You persist and get them to fix this, even though you planted for the animals.