Whats a reasonable stud fee for a buck in your area?

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  1. I was contacted by a woman 100 miles south of me wanting to rent one of my bucks for a month this winter. The buck is pure Nigi but unregistered. She offered to take him and house him for a month OR bring her three does up to me. Im leery of having someone elses herd mix with mine so I told her it would probably be better for Jeffe to have a month-long sleepover at her place. She offered $50.

    Does this sound reasonable?
  2. GotmygoatMTJ

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    Do you know this woman?

    When we have does to be bred to our buck, the buck NEVER leaves the farm. His stud fee is $50 PER doe. Hes a Full SA Codi/PCI 300lb 2yearold Boer buck.

    You need to tell her you want health papers on the does.

    And definitley dont do anything unless you know what those does look like.

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    For a grade buck -- yes. In fact I've paid cheaper for a nice reg buck.
    But is this per goat or all of her goats?

    Trust your judgment. ;)
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    Alec, because your buck is unregistered, I wouldn't charge more than $15 per doe......BUT if you feel comfortable letting him stay there and her goats are clean and disease free..meaning that they look healthy to you, not all breeders test for disease, I don't but I am goat smart enough to see wether a goat is ill. Snotty noses, bad feet(hoof rot) abcesses etc are things I would definately be leary of.
    Besides that, if she is willing to feed and house your boy for a month and thats less coming from your pocket to "keep" him, and if you want, you can "set" a fee that she'll pay to service any number of does. Wether it be 3 or 6, $50.00 would be a good set price...he certainly doesn't eat that much$ in 1 month and you'll be ahead.

    Use your judgement, if you wouldn't be willing to buy goats from this breeder for one reason or another then I would be leary of letting my buck stay there. :wink:
  5. yup. thats how Im going to approach it. If i wouldnt buy from her, I wont lend to her.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
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    $35-$50 per doe and of coarse papers to prove the does are healthy.
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    I think $50 per doe is good, probably wouldn't go lower than $40 though. I personally wouldn't trust anyone but me with my goats, but that's just me so renting out one of my bucks would make me very uneasy especially if I didn't know the person.
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    Considering he is unregistered, I think $50 is a good price for all three does, as long as she provides his feed. I would want the person to pick him up and drop him back off or pay for gasoline to deliver him. I would want to see her set-up as well.
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    I wouldn't let my buck go somewhere I didn't know...what if something happens? Dogs, fencing, etc. Who would pay vet bills or the value of the buck?

    Maybe I'm a control freak, but ... do you have room to have a separate enclosure for your buck and the does away from your herd? If you kept her goats for a month at your place, I'd ask for help with feed as well. Either she could supply her own hay or pay some form of board.
  11. KW Farms

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    Yeah, I would feel the same way Denise.
  12. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I have leased out bucks in the past and either given a kid back to the buck owner or paid a small fee.

    for unregistered think how it would be on your end and dont over charge. Remember she also has to feed vaccinate etc all her does and the kids at her expense and to make even a couple bucks off the kids is hard if the stud fee is so expensive.

    I think a set price for all the does is good because if they dont take you arent having to refund money because a particular doe isnt bred (if she paid per doe)
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    May 25, 2008
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    I actually am doing this right now, though he's bred all her does.

    I made friends with a new Nigi keeper, and after a while of talking, she asked if she could borrow Buckly for breeding as her little buck is very young and related to one of her does. She showed me her test reports showing that her herd is clean, and since we were going to her town to look at houses anyways (We actually bought and are living in a house RIGHT down the road from her now!) we took Buckly over there.

    I'm to get pick of the crop when they all kid. I would have taken nothing at all, honestly, because she is going to be boarding ALL my goats at her place until we get our fencing up; but she offered pick of the crop to me as well.

    I also was going to have Buckly visit another friend, but we worked out a trade instead for the end of the year.

    If I do this again in the future, I would require clean test results, and would prefer the girls be at my place, though in a pen separate from my does. I thought about this:

    The doe owner could either bring their doe for a "driveway breeding" when she is in standing heat. The buck comes out, they breed, doe goes home. The fee depends on the buck of course; my soon to be bucks will be registered, or at least one is.

    I could also offer boarding for people who can't catch the doe in standing heat. They would pay a small boarding fee every day on top of the stud fee and the doe(s) would stay in a small pen with shelter with the buck, and I would observe and make note of the breedings.

    Just a rough idea of what I might offer in the future, anyways.
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    i very raerly stud my bucks out as i know for a fact that most of the Alpine herds around here are CAE positive. But when i do i charge $75. I dont stud out my young bucks. Only when i have seen udders out of him is he available to outside does. I also never let my bucks go anywhere. I bring the does to him. I set up a temporary pen with cattle panels that the does go in. Any does coming to the farm must be CAE and CL negative within ninety days. I would be leery of sending him anywhere. Even if you go to the farm and the animals are healthy you never know what may happen. he could get cut, he could get into something, if he dies then what your out of a buck. It can happen at your house yes, but then at least you know why and how it happened.
    My bucks dont earn their keep through stud fees its the kids they produce for me.
    Just my personal opinion.
  15. keren

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    Oct 26, 2008
    I do lease my boys out as well as have does here to breed.

    If they come here to breed, it is $50 per doe as a baseline price, the better show bucks are more expensive. Then feed costs $1/doe/day if they stay here

    If they take the boy home, they have to put down a $200 deposit (this protects me in case they simply dont return the buck) plus pay the $50 fee (but just a one off payment, not per doe in this case)
  16. My thoughts are this. If he is leaving your farm, make sure that the farm he is going to is well cared for. And I would not charge a lot since you will not have to feed him etc and really, he is not being worked etc. He I am sure would breed them all for free if you asked him. HOWEVER, I would get a deposit for what you feel he is worth. Why? If the buck does not come back, gets hurt, sick etc, you want to be sure you are not loosing out on what you have in him.

    Now, if her does all come to you, I would do a separate pen and would charge a little more BECAUSE you then are doing the work and feeding and so on. I would not charge too much though, because of the fact that, lets face it, not everyone is made of money right now and if she is a small breeder it may be taking everything she has to do this. Not to mention, if you charge too much it would be cheaper to by a goat, use him, and sell him after. Also, keep in mind if the does come to you then you risk them getting hurt and so on. I personally would let my buck leave before I cared for someone elses goats. It's just me but my luck would run like this, two days would go by and for no fault of mine the doe would get hurt or die on me. :roll: Ok, it probably would not happen that way but I SURE would be paranoid the WHOLE time trying to make sure they were just perfect. :hair: LOL

    Just my two cents worth. LOL :thumb:
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    I never thought about asking for a deposit that would be returned when you get the buck back but that makes a lot of sense. Especially for a unregistered buck who doesnt have tatoos. What if the lady seems really nice has a great farm and takes good care of your animal but she decides to sell him out from under you. I would make her pay a $100 refundable deposit in adition to the breeding fee.
  18. lots of good ideas. thanks everyone!