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what's the difference?

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Ivermectin? Cydectin? Ivomectin?
The pic with no name on the front it says" Power punch. High potency nutrient and energy drench for goats" what is that for?
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Ivomec is a brand name. There is no such thing as Ivomectin.

Ivermectin is the active ingredient in Ivomec.

Cydectin is the newest generation of Ivermectin products.

Power punch is like an electrolyte mix.
Should I give them the" Power punch. High potency nutrient and energy drench for goats.? How much if so??
Which wormer is best for Boer goats? Do u give steroids? For what or why? I'm just trying to clear some things up on what I need and don't need.
Don't need to give the power punch unless they are sick.

I still use Ivomec. I will use that until it no longer works. Then I will go to Cydectin. I would suggest going with Ivomec for now.

You need to do fecals and determine what parasites they have. Different wormers work for different worms. No one dewormer takes care of it all.

Definitely a big NO on steroids.
Ok thank you. No steroids! I'll get them a fecal first.
Ok thank you. No steroids! I'll get them a fecal first.
Make sure the fecal test includes coccidia.
Do u give steroids? For what or why?
I'm going to somewhat disagree with Karen on the steroids. Dexamethasone is a steroid and it is very useful for certain things when it comes to treating goats. Dex has its place for certain types of injuries and illnesses because it is a very good anti-inflammatory agent that goes well beyond what aspirin, Banamine, and a lot of other drugs can achieve. It is not to be used without careful consideration, however, because it will also cause abortions in pregnant goats, and it suppresses their immune system. Everything - including steroids - has it's place, but it is up to the owner to know the side-effects and decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

As far as the wormers go, each group of wormers - Ivermectin, fenbendazole, levimasole, valbazen - kill certain worms. It would behoove you to do some research so you understand which wormer kills what worms at what dose and how often they need to be dosed so you know how to effectively treat. Never, ever use wormers without a fecal test or without knowing how often to treat and at what dosage! If you do you are creating resistant worms that will become very difficult, if not impossible, to kill. Goats metabolism is much faster than other animals and they have to be treated differently because of that.
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I did forget about dex. Mention of steroids I was assuming something to build up the goats, not medication.

Dex is vet prescription though.
No problem! :smile: In the scenario of building up goats through steroid use, I agree 100%!
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