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    Oct 7, 2017
    Hello, I am so glad I found your site. You all are so enthusiastic and supportive and in love with your goats like I am. My two Nigerian Pygmy's boys are pets four months young, wethers, and such a joy to have. They are from the same breeder, but different parents and I have had them for 2 months now. They have taken over 2 greenhouses (converted one for their house) perfect 2 layer with stairs, and the other is a mini double decker photo studio for them.

    They are besties, in training, leash trained and have determined their favorite food ever, may just be fresh kale from the garden. Yep, just love it. And thorn less blackberry bushes are probably second place. Good thing it's fall in SW Colorado so I let them have the garden after harvesting.
    Still keeping them out of the lettuce and spinach patch.

    These are my first ever goats (Greatest Of All Time) and thought Cheach (tan and white), so he became a model and, honestly, this baby goat knows when the wig goes on, he is on. He literally poses, gives me the Zoolander look, of course gets some treats, and WhatsUpGOAT.com + social handles was born. Chawng is Black and White, has a meeker personality, as is the runt of his family, while Cheach was the first and only in his.

    The thing I didn't know about goats before is the intellect they possess and their traits are, actually, canine like, but with a twist. Their loyalty is unwavering, they respond, learn tricks, leash train, potty train in diapers, rides in vehicles with protective crates, and really watch your every move. I am sure i am missing things to list, but, I love my dogs, (Curly Coated Retrievers) but these goats literally overtake your brain and life. It's nearly obsessive ( I hate to admit), but maybe because I am a Aries??? and the Hubby is Sagittarius??? both goat like ourselves.
    Anyway, I am a solid goat convert and having the time of my life with these dudes.
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    Welcome, glad you are here.

    And welcome to the world of goats. :)

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    Have to ask. how do you potty train the goats?
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    Welcome to goats & TGS!
    Mine have ME trained. ;)
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