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Ok, I have my two does, I got for milk . One will be a year old in may, the other turned a year this month. The one who is already a year old, has had 3 heard so far. I can't tell if the other has or not, she might just be silent about it. What is the next step ?

Were they in with a buck? If so, the next step is to figure out if they're pregnant or not. Usually via blood test. If not, you'll need a buck.

Tests? Can I order the tubes and send them in myself ?

I like biotracking. Here's their website:

Do I bring buck to doe?

Sure can! I keep a buck on site for personal use, but also do a bit of AI.

Can I order off internet ? If so, how do I know when to order?

What are you ordering? Semen? A buck? If you're ordering semen, call your vet or local AI tech and ask if they would have space for 5 straws. When your doe is in heat just call them and you can breed them yourself or have one of them do so.

How do I find a buck ? Is it too late to breed this year? I live in the NW of oregon.

Absolutely not. Nigerians breed year round. You can find a quality (important) buck by contacting your state ADGA, and asking for a breeders listing.

Should I only breed one at a time ?

Not necessarily. Depends on if you want milk year round, and if you want to raise kids "year round".

And how do I fill out paperwork? One of my does is registered, but just got paperwork, do I need to send it in? Btw they are nigerians. Thanks. Bunch for any advice

So long as you use a registered Nigi buck, you'll be able to register the kids. You will need to contact the ADGA and ask them to send you some info:
-schedule of rates
-farm name and tattoo application
-registry paperwork
-membership info

(Just ask them for a beginners packet with at least 10 registry forms, and they'll send you all you need). You also need to have the doe in your name, and the buck too if natural breeding. If AI or stud out, you'll need proof of service to attach to the forms.

Hope that helps?
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