When to trim hooves?

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    May 27, 2014
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    We now have 11 babies running around, and I can't help but wonder when to start trimming their little hooves. Our eldest are about a month old, and we just had one born Monday. We want to get them acquainted to trimming, since their parents are not. So, final question: What age do I start trimming, and how often?
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    I don't usually need to do the first hoof trim until 5-6 months old I think. But mine are no stars on the fitting stand. If you want to get them used to it, I would start as early as a month old with a "mock hoof trimming" - just standing them where you normally trim and lifting feet and being restrained etc. to get them used to it. Supposedly there are some miracle goats out there that you can just walk up to in the pen/pasture, pick up a foot and start trimming but they don't live at my house!!

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    From what I have seen it will depend upon the goats and the terrain they walk on.

    Mine walk on all dirt. I was told to cut them every two months or so and when I wait two months, that is too long. They are already folding over. For us, we just check them when we check out the goats. We try to look them over as often as possible so nothing sneaks up on us.

    As for kids. I just checked our kids that are 7 weeks old and they already needed to be trimmed. When you pick them up to play with them, just look at them. At 7 weeks, ours already had 1/4" that needed to be trimmed off.

    We just trim ours in the field. They are extremely hand tamed and the boys hold them still and I trim the hooves.
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    Look at their feet. I have 3 week olds that need a little trimming. I would check every couple weeks and see if they need it.
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    I have one of these said miracle goats, she's such a baby and will stand for anything I do. The others though..... Some of them are so bad that I have to restrain the stand that they're restrained in.
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    I just started picking up feet and holding them while they eat. Once they completely ignored me while I did that, I started doing just a little trimming. Then I went on to doing a whole foot. Now I trim while they eat and I can do the whole goat, only one gives me any issue at all.