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My two Nubian girls are sunk in about their stomach/loin area. There was a post on this and it said it could be from several things; not enough nutrition, not enough hay, worms, stress.

Here are the circumstances

  • they eat 2lbs of feed a day a mix of pelleted all stock feed, calf manna, and alfalfa pellets
  • alfalfa and orchard grass hay, and graze all the time
  • clean water 24/7
  • they where wormed about 1 month ago (2 days before I got them)
  • they are NOT pale
I am worming every one else tonight (3rd 10 ten day round of Ivomec plus)
My question is, should I worm them also, and what should I use ?

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If you think your girls are too skinny or having problems, then one of the best things you can do is have a fecal done and make sure they include coccidia.

When I feel I need a "good" fecal done beyond the simple fecal floats that the local vets do, I send it in to the state lab of Ohio and they do a great job with fecals. So you may even want to consider sending a sample in to your state lab or a local veterinary college.
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