Whew! Interesting Day!

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    Mar 27, 2014
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    Well, my mom and I were going out for the goat chores this morning. My mom went out first, while I found socks (I don't like wearing bare feet in boots). So, she knocked on the window and said that Bree (one of my bucks) had broken open one of the gates to one of the doe pens and had bred Pebbles! WHAT?!? I thought Pebbles had been bred in the Spring for Fall kids and would be due in a few weeks. I guess I was wrong. Now, we have Pebbles due to kid, Bree mounted her 6 times, and she hunched her back.

    So, my mom didn't think to call my brother and ask him to fix the gate, so she tried it herself. When I went outside, she was calling Help! and had her little finger stuck in the gate. Thankfully the neighbors were outside and they came over and helped my mom, while I did the chores.

    So, now T'Pau looked to be in heat. WHAT!?!? She was supposed to be bred for Fall, too!!! Well, both Sonny and Bree were going nuts as always! T'Pau is the herd queen, and the champion buck teaser!!! Well, I decided, if she was in heat, and not bred for the Fall, why not just breed her now. So, first I had to re-arrange all the goats so there would only be 1 buck in with 1 doe. And, I let T'Pau out with Sonny and oh boy! Did he want to breed her!!!! He did the mounty-est mount I have ever seen! T'Pau was sure in heat. She hunched her back. Now, T'Pau and Pebbles are due to kid!

    That Sonny, he thought he was so handsome!! :lol: He did his do-do all over himself, and on me. Then, he kissed T'Pau ALL OVER! Poor girl, she looked at me and I said "Ya girl. He's a bit crazy right now. ;)" I think she understood, she always does. :D

    T'Pau is the smartest little doe I have ever seen! She sure knows how to make a buck go wild, or should I say 2 bucks. She went right in between Bree (in his pen) and Sonny. Sonny would "talk" very loudly to Bree, telling him that T'Pau was his girl, then just to prove it, he would mount her, talk some more, mount, talk, etc.

    Well, enough of silly Sonny, and sweet T'Pau. Now, because I saw that Bree mounted Pebbles, I didn't put her in the pen with him, because she had already been bred to him. But, I put Sonny in T'Pau's pen. Now, Bree was jealous!!!! :mad: So, I did want another doe bred to him, and she was also in heat. SOOO, I put Lilly in with Bree. Lilly hadn't noticed Bree yet, and when Bree noticed Lilly...WATCH OUT!!! Bree did do-do all over himself and then stuck up all the hair on his back and everywhere! He was a sight!!!! Well, when Bree came around the corner with a hilarious look on his face, Lilly freaked out! I don't blame her! I laughed so hard!!! :lol: :lol: Well, Lilly had no intention of getting anywhere near Bree. So, while Lilly ate weeds, Bree would sneak up on her, he was super quiet. Then, out of the blue (for Lilly) he would mount her and go, blah, ba, bu, blaaaaaa, bumf. It was so funny. Finally I caught Lilly and put her in Bree's pen with him. She seems a bit calmer now.

    WHEWWWW! Quit a day, wouldn't ya say! Soooooo, we now have 3 Does due on VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! :D A romantic goat day, needs a romantic due date! ;) Now, I'm a bit tired so I'll say, good night! :sleeping:
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    Was Lilly actually in heat? If not, she probably didn't take. Good luck!

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    Oh, I love those kind of days, haha. That was a morning of goats that you needed a video camera!
    If Lily wasn't in heat, then I agree she probably didn't take, I'd honestly be leaving her in with a buck longer to be sure, but that's just me ;)
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    I remember those days. Have to love this stinky boys.
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    Yes, I am 99% sure Lilly was in heat. She and T'Pau are in pens with the bucks, it's Pebbles who isn't (she was 100% in heat and bred!). :)