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Which doeling should I get to add moonspots to my herd?

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Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have the opportunity to get one of these lovely moonspotted Nigerian dwarf doelings. I can't decide which would be best to add a pop of color to my herd. My current nigerians are the following colors~ Tommy (tan with white markings/blue eyes), Clover (black roan color with white/blue eyes), Tan and white doe with black belly/blue eyes and Jill (black and white). My herd already had decent color but I have always obsessed over moonspots so would like to add some to my herd. The 2 doelings I am choosing between are a black doeling with silver moonspots and a tan doeling with brown moonspots and blue eyes. I love that the tan one has blue eyes but I also love that the black one has bigger and more noticable moonspots that really stand out. Which would you guys choose to go with my tan buck with white markings and blue eyes? Which would likely throw the flashiest kids? I know you can't really tell what they will throw until you breed them but which is more likely to throw flashy kids? They're both beautiful so it's really hard to choose.Also including a pic of my buck that they will be bred to once old enough.
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Just looked up the person attempting to sell them to me and some people are claiming they are scammers. Guess I dodged that bullet! Glad I looked them up.
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Good thing you caught it in time! Often outrageously flashy goat kids are scams, especially if the seller seems to ONLY have flashy kids (no plain ones) and especially if the background and/or photo style are significantly different like those are.

But to answer your question for future reference, moonspots are dominant so either doe would have worked fine for your purposes. I have found that the heavily moonspotted goats often produce kids with few or no moonspots, however. On the other side of the coin, plainer goats with only a couple small moonspots can produce some really flashy moonspotted kids. It's a total crapshoot, but one parent does have to have moonspots.

Even if you're breeding only for color, I encourage you to also take conformation and quality into consideration when choosing goats, especially since moonspotted kids are never a guarantee ;)
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Well it looks like I have actually found a moonspotted doe to get! I made sure it wasn't a scam to. 😂 She was born on valentines day so is about 6 months old! What are y'all's thoughts on her? Confo and color wise? If bred to my tan and white buck what could kids look like? Hopefully I can get some blue eyed moonspotted kids!
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I'm also curious if moonspots can hide under white markings? I noticed she has a pretty big white marking on her sides and was wondering if she could have more moonspots hidden underneath? If that's possible is there any way to tell if a goat has hidden moonspots under the white? Would shaving them make the moonspots show? Not sure exactly how moonspots work. I know they can't be true white or black and don't show on white. I also know that at least one parent has to have them for a kid to get them and a moonspot can be as small as one hair. Can they be UNDER the white though and be hidden?
Cannot tell conformation without the goat being set up, with side, front and rear pics. She’s pretty. We can’t tell you what color you will get… it can surprise you sometimes. She looks healthy, nice long neck.
She is horned?
Moonspots can hide under white yes. If that is the case you will not see them even if the goat is shaved. I have a gold and white doe and have clipped her many times and never seen a moonspot on her, but her kids usually have a small moonspot somewhere.

Can't tell a whole lot about that doe's conformation with her head down like that. She is cute. Since she is black and black is recessive, you'll likely get gold kids, and possibly black kids if your buck carries black. If he doesn't carry black, you could get whatever he IS carrying.
photos of her parents would be nice and an udder photo of her mom.
I have a doe who has a tiny moonspot by her ear. I figured she didnt have any spots when i bought her(her dam did and so did her sisters), but found this tiny spot. so far two of her four offspring have had spots. of course they were boys :)
i purchased a bucklng last year that is cream with moonspots. now he looks like a white/yellow goat ( i really dont like light colored goats but i bought him based on his pedigree)
- he was bred to a buckskin- she had quads. two were moonspotted
-bred to a blk doe- she had quads- two were moonspotted
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