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Which fecal should I get done?

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Alright everyone, so it's been a long summer battling parasites, as I'm sure a lot of you have had trouble with as well. :/
I've been really trying to figure out why my does are soo anemic, and trying to fix it. I've dewormed several times with different wormers, first Corid, then Dimethox for cocci, still anemic! I did get a couple of fecal floats done, maybe six or eight weeks apart, and the last one came up clean, so I did red cell for quite a long time, no improvement, so I started up with iron injectable and that didn't help either.
I'm thinking that I must be missing something, and somehow they've still got worms of some kind, or cocci, because it's just not adding up. :scratch: my milkers have dropped off a lot in production as well, for no explicable reason, and they won't come back up, no matter what or how much we feed them. :mad:
Oh, and I also did the Baerman test myself for lungworms a couple months ago, and nothing, so I guess we can a least rule that out.

So my question is: do I need to send in a fecal to WADDL, and if so, whats the procedure there? Or just get another fecal float done by my vet?

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Bear in mind our vet(s) is not a goat vet. :( they deal with cows and horses, mainly. Half the time they don't know what I'm talking about. :sigh:

Oh, and the goats are UTD on copper too.
Can you drop it off at a vets office that sends their bloods and fecals out to a lab ? They might have better luck in finding something :shrug:
Sorry your having such problems , it can be so frustrating :confused:
Thanks Trickyroo, it is really frustrating. Makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job taking care of them, and I really want what's best for them.
I just hope I can get it figured out soon. :(

I guess I could call the vet and ask if they do that....:ponder:
I would definitely send the fecal sample out. Call WADDL and ask what their procedure is.
I can totally relate :) It makes me feel like a bad mommy too, but in reality , these things can be extremely hard to pinpoint .
We can work so hard keeping their pens , dishes , water buckets spotless , but it's always the way that someone picks something up somehow. Prayers you get answers soon.
You are the best mommy Texaslass , don't ever think otherwise :hug:
Aw, thank you Trickyroo! :eek: I'm trying to be. :)

Karen, I will do that this morning.
On a side note, I'm thinking maybe I should switch to Molly's herbals to deworm with. I've heard glowing reports about it, and we prefer to use natural sources for these things when we can anyway, so I really think it would be a good idea. Since nothing else so far has worked anyway, it would be a good experiment, I'm thinking.
Also, don't know if your state lab is good. One of my vets quit doing her own fecals and just sent it out to the state lab. The Ohio state lab does a great job on fecals. So you could always see if your vet sends out fecals to your state lab.
Sarah..a bad goat mommy wouldnt worry about her goats, or do fecals, or are a great goat mommy...

I agree send out to a good lab..get the full story of whats going on!! If all come back clean,and its just the eyes not looking as deep pink, but everything else is great..then perhaps ts just their color..blood work should provide answers for that : )
So, WADDL will anyalize blood to find out if they are parasitic?? I thought that they usually did that through the fecals. :shrug: Do I need to send blood and fecals?
through blood they can measure the iron levels...see if they within nromal range : )
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