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Which to Buy???- Southern Belle is hear!!!

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I can't decide on what goats to buy so here is my question.2 are registered does and they are bred to a ragistered buck $100 each,2 are not registered (1 purebred,1 94%) and they are bred to a purebred black and white boer buck and $100 each.I don't have registered stock right now.What do you think :GAAH: ? The unregistered ones carry the red color gene as well.
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Re: Which to Buy???

I really doubt the they come from herds that test, especially if they are being sold for so cheap. And most Boer breeders do not test for CAE or CL. Testing is much more of a dairy thing for some reason. Out of all the Boer breeder sites I've looked at, only one professes to test for CL, CAE and Johnes.

Registration papers don't mean a whole lot if the goats are sickly and have horrible conformation. And even if you go with the unregistered goats and decide to get into registered later on, you can register their offspring as percentage. Go with the healthiest, structurally correct does.

Also just a note, since the unregistered does are bred to a purebred buck and not a fullblood, their kids cannot be registered.
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