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Which to Buy???- Southern Belle is hear!!!

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I can't decide on what goats to buy so here is my question.2 are registered does and they are bred to a ragistered buck $100 each,2 are not registered (1 purebred,1 94%) and they are bred to a purebred black and white boer buck and $100 each.I don't have registered stock right now.What do you think :GAAH: ? The unregistered ones carry the red color gene as well.
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Re: Which to Buy???

I agree w/ Susanne in buying the goats that are healthiest and come from a disease-free herd. Registered goats are a neat thing, especially when so cheap. Although if they have terrible, un-sound conformation, that's not good at all. If they were both from healthy, disease-free herds - I guess I would buy the registered ones. Pictures would be cool to see, if you have them. :)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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