Whisper, Harmony & Demi's Thread

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    Oct 5, 2007
    The poor poor goats. Lowered to having to SHARE a thread rather than one each... but sorry, 3 threads would be just too much for me!

    Whisper was bred on 18 September (I remember exactly, it was my birthday), Harmony was bred just a few days later, and Demi brought up the rear by finally being bred on 20 October. Way to go Demi.

    So yes had an interesting day today! Started with dosing a sick lamb... which promptly died as soon as I turned my back. Hopefully not from the electrolytes, cocci meds and penicillin I had just given it... we then decided to perform a homemade autopsy, which gave us the promising verdict of "It died of a Thursday". Hoped for better luck after lunch.

    Lunch came, and went... and the "scan man" arrived, complete with ultrasound... while I looked thoughtfully on the pen full of sheep and mused on the fact that indeed NONE of them looked remotely pregnant, and could we possibly be doomed for a repeat of last year's "All Empty" verdict.

    THANKFULLY this was not to be! Am now expecting a grand total of 13 sets of twins and 9 singles. Not exactly the greatest % but with the weather we've been having, I'm happy for any at all! Was telling the sheep with all seriousness this morning could they at least give me at least ONE lamb between all 26 of them? 4 of the sheep were empty but I guess that's ok. 2 of them will instantly leave this life for a better one and the other two will probably be given a 2nd chance. I'm nice like that.

    Oh I forgot. This thread was about the GOATS! But i haven't done a thread for a long time so heh, why not update on the whole lot while I'm at it? Can always like... transfer this thread into an Entirely W, H & D Thread when the time comes...

    YES I got the 3 girls scanned at the same time! With bated breath... you know, the whole "did we catch them in heat? DID they settle? what if we're wrong? What if NONE of them are pregnant" dilemma. Stopped breathing for a few minutes but managed to survive thankfully.

    Harmony went first... verdict? TWINS!

    Whisper was next.... TWINS!

    Demi was third... a little more complicated. The scan guy could see 3 babies inside her but could only confirm that 2 of them were alive. So there is the possibility that she was carrying triplets and one baby has died inside her, leaving her with twins. She is only about 2 months into her pregnancy so I'm HOPING that she can reabsorb the dead baby and that everything will be okay! I'm QUITE happy for her to have twins like the other two and actually would be more happy that way due to my previous disastrous experience with triplets... so I shall call the verdict...TWINS!

    Both Whisper and Harmony will kid in February along with the majority of the ewes. Demi will kid about a month later with the last of the sheep. Seems perfect to me! Whisper and Harmony will start receiving grain soon which will make Demi MAD with jealousy as she will not start for another month! I'm so excited! 6 goatbabies, my most ever!

    Oh and of course I CONGRATULATED Fionn on his amazing masculinity... haha! by saying "Fionn! You're going to be a daddy!" and he glared at me balefully as though to say "so? let me out of this shed!"


    Can you sense I'm happy? Overall this day turned out to be ok despite the sad death of this morning - at least I got plenty of good news this afternoon!!!

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    After your loss this morning :hug: I am very happy that you had a better afternoon.
    Wow...35 lambs to arrive in a few months time :shocked:

    So great to hear that you'll be getting 6 baby goats too...and Fionn does deserve at least a cookie or even a short walk on a lead...I just hope that you get what you want wether it be :girl: or :boy: .

    BTW...Great to hear from you!!

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    That's great news!!!! Hoping for ALL :girl: !! Wouldn't that be nice? :slapfloor: I have to agree with you...I hate trips! Twins are just fine! I've never had a good experience with trips.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    congrats Katie -- sounds like some exciting life ahead for you and all the animals
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    Oct 6, 2007
    Easley, SC
    Sorry for your loss. Glad to hear your sheep and your goats are all expecting. That would be a great way to distract you. Congrats!
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    May 6, 2008
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    wow your gonna be crazy when lambing and kidding starts!! :thumb: congrats on the pregnancies.