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white foam and limping?

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I have a doe that started limping 2 days ago. Puts some weight on it but her gait is lopsided now. I trimmed her hooves about 2-3 weeks ago. I just checked the hot shes limping on and I couldn't find anything. Thoughts on what it may be? How long should I wait before getting a vet? Shes eating and drinking fine.

Also today as I walk in I noticed some white foamy stuff around her lips. It was pretty hot today. Could it be of heat? Anyone seen this before? She started eating grass and it it went away. Ill go later and check again.
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could be a few things

a sprang...needs time to heal
a sticker pushed up inthe pad...Had that happen before...need to examine her hoof real well
Has she beend CAE tested? no swelling knees?

Since sheis beginning to use it I would think a long as she is doing well other wise Iwould keep a close sure its not keeping her from grazing and so forth..or getting worse..

as for the foaming mouth..could be her cud...I have a Nubian who looks like she was playingin shaving cream when she is chewing a cud lol..if the grass is real plush that can cause it as well..
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