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white tail deer brain worm

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So I got my goats in September and the vet came to check them out and advised me to use panacur to worm my goats because they had larve in their poop and the next day i saw tapeworms in their poop and they have been fine ever since but the vet instructed me to worm them every 2 months to prevent the white tail deer brain worm (because there are lots of deer in my area) but I don't want to worm them unless it's necessary, but I'm afraid if I wait to worm until needed it might be too late because my aunt almost lost a goat from this worm so I know how fast it works. So I'm not sure if I should worm preventatively or not because of where I live.
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Safeguard (Panacur) is the treatment for Meningeal Worm. Ivomec is the preventative. But you need to do Ivomec monthly. It is your choice. Most people don't do preventative for goats but if your vet does alpacas too, most alpaca people do preventative for M Worm and that is why he is probably suggesting it. This also seems to be a bad year for M worm.
The area that my goats graze in has been inhabited by deer for as long as we have lived in the house so I probably would want to stay on the safe side, so if I wanted to use a preventative wormer that would be ivormec? Does that come in a paste or a shot? I'm also thinking of bringing a fecal sample to my vet tomorrow to see if they have anything else because I started to notice clumpy poo
Ivomec has to be injected for M worm prevention. I would do 1cc per 40 lbs. Do it once a month. Do you live in an area that gets really cold and snow?

I used to do prevention on my alpacas for M worm from Sept through Dec. I would go to January if December was warmer than normal. But we get cold enough in Ohio that we don't have to worry about the cold months. If we had a wet spring than I would do March through June too.
Yeah it is usually cold and snowy here but this year has been mild so far. Why would you do prevention during the cold months rather than the warm months?
I'm not doing prevention during the cold months. The highest incidence was found to be in the fall. M worm has a 60 day incubation period. So long time ago it was suggested to do Ivomec from Sept to Dec in Ohio to cover the worst period or through January if December was warm. Then the next highest incidence of it was during a wet spring, hence the March through June. However, they can get it any time of the year. So the balance is between trying to prevent but not making it immune to Ivomec. Some people gave Ivomec once a month all year round. Problem is their herd eventually became resistant to Ivomec. I tried to use Ivomec as little as possible and just watch very closely for signs.

If you see any type of unexplained back end weakness in your goats, then you treat for M worm. They may or may not have it but by the time you really figure out they have it, it is too late. Just the slighest back end weakness calls for a full treatment.

Below is a good article on it. Dr Anderson is one of the foremost alpaca vets in the country that did some extensive research on M Worm. If anyone knows about M Worm and how to treat it, it is him.
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Okay thank you so much! I'll read that article. The breeder that bought the goats from treated them with ivormec the day before i picked them up but then I was still seeing the larve in their poop, is that because it was only one dose and didn't get followed up? The panacur got rid of the tape worms tho. Im thinking that I'll give them a dose of ivormec because it's been kinda warm and like I said there are lots of deer in my area and then I'll decide what to do in the spring depending on weather
You don't see M worm in stool. If you were seeing worms, then you were seeing stomach worms. I would have a fecal done to include coccidia and see where they are with their parasite load. Then treat appropriately if needed. Also M worm doesn't show up on fecals. So you don't know they have it until the symptoms appear.
Right now I'm not seeing any worms but I'm going to have a fecal done because one of my goats is having clumpy poo and I thought it was because I opened a new bail of hay but it's been a few days now. And I think I will treat them with ivormec to prevent m worm

Here are two great articles on this topic. One of which recommends not treating on a achedule as the body will build a resistance and won't work when you really need it.
Thank you very much! I'll give them a read!
after reading these three articles i really feel that i will start my girls on a monthly ivormec regimen. Thanks so much! Unfortunately their paddock boarders a swampy area :( and although it stays very dry where they graze, i have seen the slugs migrate up to our backyard which is even further away from the swamp than my goat paddock. So i feel all the right conditions are there for my girls to be at risk. Also the first article states that the meningeal worm will not become resistant to the ivormec? Or maybe that is only in llamas and alpacas...
M worm may not but all the other parasites will. But only you can decide what is best for your circumstances.
you may need to have another wormer or herbal treatment on hand to treat other worms if and when they ivomec stops working...all though your target worm is MW, I would use ivomec plus to cover liver fluke as well..
I have panacur for any other worms that may show up and also my aunt has horses that she worms every 6 weeks and rotates kinds every worming and when she had goats she would worm them with whatever she was using on the horses and she never had a worm problem except for m worm. And we live very close. So maybe I will do something similar to treat other worms or just treat when needed and have fecals done every month. Thank you again for the info!
On a side note, my goat vet charges over 30 dollars per goat for a fecal, so it would be about 70 a month for fecals with that vet... I know that my dogs vet is substantially cheaper, do you think they would be capable of doing a fecal on goat poo if they have the equipment for dogs and cats?
Also how would i give the injection? I've given horses vaccines and other things plenty of times but in that case you just inject into their thick neck muscle, I've never done any other type of injection.
I give it sub q above the front shoulder

* I have a few drama queens that scream and flail around from the burning.....even when I inject really slowly
Yeah mine go crazy even when I try to pick one up and"separate" them. They are very attached. I'll have someone help me the first few times
I've found it easier if I feed them on the milk stand and do shots then.
i dont have a milking stand quite yet.. i think ill ask my bf to hold them for me while i do it. They are going to be so mad at me after :(
And my dogs vet only charges $16 for a fecal but since he is only a dog and cat vet he said he wont be able to give me the proper wormer but he can tell me which one to buy because he does know what to look for in the sample. So im thinking thats a better deal.
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