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Whole cows milk ok for kids?

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Am getting 2 Nigerian dwarf kids this week. They were born OCT. 31 and I am going to be bottle feeding. I've been told that whole cows milk is good for kids but this lady said that I should feed replacer until they start nibbling on grain and hay then switch to whole cows milk from the store. She said I should use the replacer first because the cows milk is pasteurized and doesn't have the nutrients needed for them.. Is this true or will they do good on the cows milk? I'm picking them up Wednesday.
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whole cows milk over replacer any day! - if you need to you can add some plain/vanilla yogurt to it too.
From my experience the kids raised on just whole cows milk have been noticably smaller than the other kids. If I use it I mix it with a little bit of buttermilk and evaporated milk. For many years I have been anti milk replacer and have tried many brands. Recently I raised three kids with the tractor supply brand for goat kids and had great results. Once they got a little older I would use whole cow milk every other feeding to help with cost.
Yep, whole cow. I like to add a pinch of probiotic powder to each bottle.
I had nice fat kids on just whole cow milk with nothing added.
I thought the same as this lady but on one of my kids I needed milk now and grabbed the whole milk from the fridge. I will never used power milk again. I never had a upset stomach and they did way better then the kids on powder ever did.
I ditto whole cows milk...!!!

also be sure to feed the amount needed. over feeding can make them sick...

weigh them then multioly that by 16 to get their weight in oz
Multiply their weight in oz by 10% to see how much milk they need per day...then divide that into 4 feedings...: ) you can fudge a little up or down if needed but tummies should be flat but firm..not sticking our or sunken in : ) best wishes
I only use whole cows milk with my bottle babies. Very little scours and without all the fillers of the replacer. Yes, sometimes the babies can be a little smaller, but they are way healthier on the cows milk than any I fed replacer to.
My first goat was on milk replacer and did great. I tried it with my 2nd goat and he got scours. Once I switched him to whole milk he was fine. After reading up on both, I will not use milk replacer again.
So I went to the store today and I got country fresh whole milk. But it's called vitamin d milk is that ok?

I wanted to get organic milk but it was so expensive!
Yep. Just as long as it isn't the 2%, 1% or fat free.
Ok, thanks for all the help! But one more question... How do I warm it up and how warm do I make it??
I put bottles in a pan of water that has just been boiled & set it in for 2 or 3 minutes. Milk should be very warm on your wrist not scalding.
You can also get a bottle warmer from Walmart.
I use whole milk from Walmart or who ever has it on sale for the week... Warm it up in microwave for about 40 secs( give or take how much you are feeding) shake it up real good test it on my arm to make sure it's not super hot and off the the barn to feed the babies:)
Ok guys! I got them! They were still on mom and they have no interest in the bottle! I tried using honey and sticking it in there mouth.. When they scream while it's in there mouth are they ingesting it? I got them to suck for like 30 seconds each but that's it. And whenever I squirt some on there mouth they lick it up.


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They are adorable. Give them time to get hungry.
Ok thanks! They keep doing something with there mouths. It sounds like there grinding there teeth. But they don't look uncomfortable. They are 7 days old.


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