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Why are my goats so little?

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So I kept these two doeling kids from 2022's kidding, due to me loving their confirmation and believing they would make great milkers.
The Nubian, Violet, was born March 9th and the LaMancha, Ava, was born March 17th. Guys, they have grown like at all in the last several months!!!
I find it very worrying. Last time I weighed them they each weighed around 50 pounds (I need to reweigh them). They are very healthy, lively, sassy gals, they're just tiny! They nursed until they were around 5 months old, have high quality Alfalfa/Orchard Grass hay, free choice minerals, and pasture. I've dewormed them, but they've never had worms.
I need help!
Please note I'm a herbal farmer, and do not give antibiotics or chemical dewormers UNLESS I have a sick goat and the vet prescribes it, and these girls are not sick. And my goats that are pregnant/lactating get Soy-Free, Non-GMO Dairy feed w/ Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Alfalfa Pellets, and Non-GMO Whole Corn mixed in; if y'all think it would help I could start giving them some too.

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Both are beautiful. We too are a herbal farm..and some years I have slow growing kids. Always healthy looking, just slow growing. I would remove whole corn as it can be hard on the teeth and offer very little. Other than that. Diet is fine.
A fecal would be wise. I would collect a fresh sample from both them, then do acute dosing of herbal parasite formula. No reason to wait for results since it wont hurt them and adds nutrients. I would also do daily probiotics to help boost their flora and help them uptake nutrients better.

Best wishes
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