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Why do I look diseased???

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Well Buddy, it's because you were trying to eat bark off the breadfruit tree. The sap on that tree is like latex, and makes things all sticky. When you got your face all good and sticky, you decided to rub it in the dirt to get the stickiness off. That's why you look the way you look.

What's hard to tell from the picture is there's a large chunk of it hanging off his bottom lip.

Silly goats!


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Oh my, he does look like he has a bad case of sore mouth. :laugh:
Silly goats! :laugh:
sore mouth and a black eye!

he has it all over his ears too, but hard to see in the pic. the other goats have done this before, but not to this extent. it's quite hilarious.
Awww poor buddy :eek: And it's not funny :rolleyes:
Ok , maybe a little ,:slapfloor::slapfloor::slapfloor::crazy::thumbup:
Haha, goats are so cute! :love:
Aww. Soo cute :)
Poor silly guy!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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