Why Do People Do This?

Discussion in 'The Chatter Box' started by Flow&FeFe, Jul 27, 2010.

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    May 6, 2008
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    yeah the shelter here does free days too. free shots and neuter/spay.
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    Apr 20, 2010
    Been out of town all last week and just saw this. I've had both pure breeds and mutts. Mutts seemed to be hearty but was a dice throw as to which side of the family tree it took after. Dorkies (dach/yorkie) suck. That was the meanest, yappiest little blank blank. I traded him for a reg. redbone pup. (very nice dog but dumb as a rock)

    LGD around here are about 95% GP's. They go for $10 and up as six week old pups. Anatolians on the other hand are around $500. Big jump in price. Hubby was thinking of getting a pair and breeding and I shot him down real quick. Just feeding them alone would run me into the poor house let alone vet and health checks until then. Needless to say we have a GP pup. He will be fixed in another month. (costs alot less when they are under 50lbs.) :p

    Good luck with what ever you decide. We like pictures of single dogs as well as group "family" dog pictures. (hint hint)


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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Can't reply to the breeding question as I have no experience in that...but I will say that every good dog I have had except 2 has been a stray, someone elses' cast off...Daisy was a pup that was dumped off in summertime of 04, she was hit on the road a few months later...I bought a "non papered" purebred border collie pup to "replace" Daisy, she too got hit 2 years later. I live on a cow path with the only traffic being neighbors and the township truck on occassion, it was that truck and the school bus that took them from me. Pete was a shepard stray that I sunk alot of money into because he came to us with a chain embedded in his neck...we had him for 8 years before age took him, My beloved cocker Max just passed 3 weeks ago and would have turned 16 tomorrow...he was the result of a puppy mill that has since been shut down, he suffered from hip dysplasia and bad knee's, Jack is a hound mix mutt that has been with us now for 3 years and Katie was the result of my neighbor not having her dog spayed...I felt bad for the litter and could only give one a home...I've had 4 house cats over the years, Sassy turned 18 in May and decided to leave me, Jake passed on in 05 at age 12 and my current kitties are Buster and Smokey, again..strays. I have never had a cat or a dog that hasn't been fixed, the cost to have it done is outrageous BUT I managed to be able to give them a better life without them reproducing.
    There is an older farm lady out the road from me that neuters her tom cats the same as those would do a piglet...hold onto them with gloves and use a razor blade, I've never seen such big tom's as hers, after the initial "surgery" they're fine.