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    So...my question...is why...why today...of all days!?

    My boyfriend and I have lunch together in our livingroom and I bring up a doe called Tumble. She is owned by Kat at Hoofin It (Josey51 on here). I really really like her and she might be for sale in spring so I want to buy her if she is. He goes "why do you like her?" Well, she has the character I am looking for in my does and her disposition is an added bonus. "Isn't she Athena's mom?" Yup. "Well, I like Athena, she's noisy...but she is really sweet." Yeah, and well put together. I expect her to show well. "Okay then, lets get Tumble. Are there any others you have been looking at?"

    I was SPEECHLESS. uh uh uh uh uh....

    "Well, obviously you love them and you are out there all the time so god knows you're taking good care of them, one or two more shouldn't be a big deal."

    WHAT!!!!! REALLY????

    And so I ask you...WHY TODAY!? There aren't any I want today...just a doeling at Poppy Patch that I wouldn't be able to pick up for a couple of weeks. Mind you, every goat purchase is a royal pain in the ass because he's always saying "don't you think you have enough? shouldn't you sell one before you get another one?" So, by the time I could find one I want he will be back to "nO mORE!" When I brought up Shiloh and Thumper he about lost his mind and only agreed when I told him I sold two whethers so the number of goats would be the same.

    Ugh....boys :roll:
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    psssssh men
    they can never make up their minds
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    Oh I know. My hubby says all the time "shouldn't we down size these goat"? Then while we were gone and he was home yesterday he was filling tanks and things, then he fell in love with one of the new babies. He was like "you know maybe we can keep this one also". RIGHT Got to love them
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    Men are all the same....one day hubby says we should get mini donkeys, the next it's horses, the next more goats..... then the next he says NO MORE ANIMALS......I also have found after years of marriage that it has to be their idea for anything!
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    I'm so grateful! Mine started out not so sure on the goats, and today I found him playing chase with the bottle baby and loving on "his" goat. :)
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    I am definitely grateful I get to buy Tumble if she goes for sale! But yes...boys cannot make up their minds. I know when I have a doe I want born here I will just give it to him with a bottle and say something like "oh, honey, help me out I have a lot to do today" and he will fall in love and say she has to stay! hehehe
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    Lol :) That sure was nice. Strange how sometimes they are totally against something and the next day they're all for it. lol
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    hehe Amanda!

    When I lived at home, I got some chickens and at first my dad was like "why did you get chickens???? They're a PITA." Well when I moved, I left the chickens there because I didn't have a coop or anything set up and didn't want them to get eaten. Well there was one...Buffy, a Buff Orpington (original name!!) and she was pretty sweet and liked to be pet and picked up. Well shortly after I left, Buffy was standing next to my dad and she keeled over and died. My mom called to tell me that Buffy had died and that my dad came into the house, crying, and promptly started to dig a hole to bury her. He even put a little stone over the grave :). Now keep in mind that my dad is very much a livestock man, he was raised on a sheep and cattle ranch and if an animal didn't produce, they were slaughtered. He's never understood horses, other than to move cattle or to "work". So it's pretty dang funny that he'll cry over a chicken!!!

    So you never know with men!
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    Hehehe a chicken? That's awesome! I lost a chicken the other day...she had a name, she liked to be held and pet...my farrier and vet call me the "chicken whisperer" because my chickens are such pets that if I am near their coop they start jumping up on the sides trying to get to me. And yet...I didn't cry when I lost her, I was sad though...But still!! That's really funny :)

    I know one thing I can count on with Mike, my boyfriend, once we have an animal here I can keep it for life if that's what I choose. I know some goats will be lifers and some will move around depending on my need for them in my breeding plans. But I know he means well when he says "no no no no no" because he knows most of them will be here for 10-15 years. The horses...25-30 lol