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Wide Belly-Diarrhea-Acting Off-Gassy

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Both of my 5 year old pygmy does got into the chicken scratch 3 days ago that DH left on the ground while cleaning barn.
Yesterday I was greeted with pudding poop and dog logs. The one doe seems to be fine today. The other is still bulging more than normal. She usually has a wide round belly. I had a bloat scare with her this summer. She seems off kilter today. She does not want to be touched and is adamant that I stay away from her. Tonight she was standing in the corner of her pen when she is in the barn with her head against the wall and her eyes closed. She runs outside and has no problem jumping on her pallets to get to her goat perch,which is where she stands most of the day. She is burping,passing gas,not dehydrated(skin bounces back) and chewing her cud. Her urine stream doesn't seem as strong and long as usual. Her rumen side is slightly higher(not cresting her spine) and alternates between soft and hard, her other is the same. She almost seems as if she is having cramps as she tightens up and passes gas. She has baking soda in her pen and received probiotics this afternoon. Any other course of action you guys think I should take?
Please and thank you
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I would give her C&D Antitoxin. Sounds like she isn't quite bouncing back from the chicken feed like the other girl.
I agree :(
I agree too...also mix some baking soda in enough water to drench....then give it to her...Probios will help restore flora...sounds like she is getting there but needs a bit of help...Pepto will sooth her tummy and help dry the bum as well
Sorry for the delay. I went out to check on her the next morning and give her the **** shot,and the little stinker was deflated and back to her happy self.Thank you guys for all your help. I really appreciate this site and all of you. Merry Christmas to you all.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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