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Wiether pull hair

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We have a 5 month old whether that pulls the hair out of another goat. The goat is 13 and at the end of his life with arthritis and getting thin other problems. Don't expect him to last more than a month or 2 but is a super friendly guy and so gentle.
This little wiether is just terrible by pulling his hair and eating it. It does not do this to anyone else. He has a brother that does not do this. Get plenty of good pasture, I give corn to also and access to minerals.

Is it just mean?
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Goats chew hair for 3 reasons. Hair contains keratin. Its a mineral naturally produced by the body. If their body is low they will eat hair.

Protien is another. But it doesnt last long.

Third reason is boredom and attention seeking. If it is a continued behaviour that doesnt stop the wether needs proper stimulation.
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