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Will she catch up?

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Had a yearling Nubian doe freshen May 14 with twin does, each only 2 pounds. I sold the one doe, kept the other. The doe kid I kept is growing steadily, but has always been smaller than the other kids her age. Will she eventually catch up? Or will she always be small because of how tiny she was when she was born?
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She could catch up but it will probably take longer. No guarantees on anything, only time will tell.
I think you could reasonably expect her to be as big as the parents with good care and time. I had some quads born in March and they were little. You can't tell them apart from the 10 pounders now.
Thanks for the replies! I have been debating wether to keep her or not. If there is a chance she will catch up, I think I'll keep her. She is so cute! I like how she is built.
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