Will this work? Electric tape

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    well, i'm planning on making a 36' by 36' pasture that is going to be moved around my ten acre farm all year round.
    Would 3 strands of this : http://www.electric-fence.com/item_223/Polytape-12-inch-wide-400-M.htm be good enough to hold in both Standard and Minis? they are all going to be 3-5 months old.
    What do you think? :whatgoat:
    I might just 'gather' grass for them all year round and keep them in my regular doe pen, however I'm kinda worried because someone told me if you feed horses too much grass instead of letting them 'graze' they will get colic . . .will this happen to the goats as well? *just making sure*.
    ~thanks :laugh:
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    I think it should work if they are used to electric fence- E bay is cheaper for the fence you are looking at buying-you can let the goats out onto fresh grass a few hours at the time.... Have they had their vaccines? that helps protect them from bloat....Most goats -if fed properly-wont gorge on grass-they will graze-I think it would be OK.
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    For a pen that size, I would recomend the electric fence "netting" from premier1 supplies. For less than $100 you could have a safe, secure and easy to move pen (if you already have a charger).
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    checking that out right now . . . thanks, funnyriver . . .

    *edit* I just might go with that! It would certainly do the trick! thankyou!