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Winter kidding what is needed

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Here is a list of things you should have on hand for Winter/cold weather kiddings.
(Some of these items are needed any time, but I have added some things that are really needed for cold weather.)
-Towels and LOTS of them.
-Molasses, Coffee and Whiskey. Yes All three. Mix them together in three equal parts for hypothermic kids and give 1/2-1cc orally every half hour until temp comes up.
-Access to warm/hot water or something to heat water up like a microwave.
-BoSe or Selenium Gel
-Brooder/heat box of some sort for the kids to go in to warm up.
-Kid size coats or old sweatshirt sleeves for coats.
-OB Gloves
-Oxytocin- To help a doe contract if cervix is dilated. Also to help stop hemorrhaging and to help pass the placenta. Oxytoxin is an RX item so you will need to get it from a vet.
-Large plastic bag or trash bag- to wrap kid in before putting them in hot water to help warm them up
-Heating pad
-Bulb syringe for clearing airway
-Calcium Drench
-Nutri-Drench or Power Punch
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