WNC Round Mountain Creamery 2019 LaMancha and Alpine Kids

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    Round Mountain Creamery is a mid sized goat dairy located in Black Mountain, NC. Our farm is getting ready for the 2019 kidding season. This year we’re expecting 40 Alpine and 10 LaMancha kids in March and 16 Alpine and 40 LaMancha kids in April (These expectations are based on an average of two kids born per momma). If you or someone you know are interested in taking some of our future little guys or ladies home PLEASE EMAIL [email protected]

    Please direct all questions and inquiries to [email protected]

    For more info on our farm please check us out on the web at www.roundmountaincreamery.com or on Instagram at round_mountain_creamery
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    Do you ever make the blueberry and cranberry without nuts? I am of the few and far between ilk that doesn’t care for nuts in a lot of things but eatin them from my hamd is jus fine.

    Are your munchies full sized or minis?

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    Beautiful website! Best wishes for an easy kidding season.
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    Hi there! Unfortunately our recipes are set. I am not a fan of nuts in cheese myself so my usual go to is our plain Mild and Creamy mixed with whatever I have in my fridge ( especially when berry season is on us!).

    Our goats are full sized ladies and gents.

    Thanks for your reply!
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    Thanks so much!