WNTD:Nigerian Dwarf Doe/Doeling.Can trade 4 NICE buckling.OR

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    I am looking for a nice Nigerian Dwarf doe or doeling to add to my herd to diversify my bloodlines a little. Right now I have two half sisters, one of their daughters, and have kept one of their sons as a second herd sire this year. I need a few does that aren't so closely related. Let me know what you have, preferably with photos, price, and where you are located. I can travel.

    I also have a very nice buckling for sale. He is registered as Tualatin Acres Flying Dutchman and is out of very nice Camanna stock. He is a little over four months old. Photos below don't do him justice, and were taken in late July. He now has black down the sides of his shoulders and up the bottom of his neck. It's quite fetching. He has bright blue eyes and a very gentle personality. He is UTD on vaccines, worming, hoof care and is disbudded and tattooed. I can go out and take more recent photos if you are interested. Email with questions or for bloodlines.




    His Dam:


    This girl is very capacious, deep and wide bodied and stands wide when viewed from behind. She had a very nice udder this year, although I forgot to take photos before I had already started drying her off. Her teats are big, well placed and easy to milk. This photo really doesn't do justice to her elegant neck. When she is perked up and looking at something she literally looks like a swan, and Dutch has the same swan-necked look when he is standing tall and really looking forward.
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    Wish you were closer....UGH!

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    I think Olivia (capriola) has one or two for sale :shrug: dont know if they will work for your or not
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    Yeah, my cousin has her last two does for sale.

    Capriola RB Blue Delais and Maple Breeze Sassafras, also Sassafras' two kids sired by Squaw*Mountain BlueSummerStorm. Delais is probably bred and has great conformation, could use improvement in the udder (higher attachment, teats closer in) but it had nice shape and excellent teat size. She cannot do any trades since she's getting out of goats but they are priced very reasonably. Sassy is a little older but very healthy and strong -- several more breedings left in her provided she's cared for well.