Wondering if the buck has a clue......

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    Aug 9, 2010
    My cousin has Savannas and Boers. He brought his Savanna buck to turn out with my Alpine and LaMancha/Boer does. The LaMancha was bred within a couple weeks of his arrival and she hasn't come back in. I'm assuming right now she took. My cousin need the Savanna buck back to turn in with his group and brought over his new Boer buck he just bought at the Ohio State Fair. Well, he is only 7 months old and I'm not sure he has what it takes yet. He's very passive and the girls boss him. They never did that with the Savanna (he was 4 years old). Granted, the LaMancha may be bred and it's still early for the Alpine to come in, but the neighbors Nubian doe has been flirting with him a little and he kinda ignores her. No one has been in raging heat since he's been here. The Savanna was contantly being disgusting and I thinkg he brought the LaMancha in. This Boer is just docile and so "baby" looking/acting. He was sniffing around the Nubian last night, but it didn't really look like a courtship.
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    Before the stinky buck leaves....get a few rags and rub them...all over the horns...beard...back of the front legs...ect ...where the strongest stink is..... rub it on the young bucks face ...and places where... it is a normal area for him to smell.... put the smelly rags in separate plastic bags ..keep the young buck smelly with it...rub it on if needed......it should help...as the youngster... may not have the rank smell yet.....to get the girls in season..... When the girls are in full heat... they will allow the young buck... to breed.... :thumb: :wink:

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    Only one of my does was bred last year because the buck I had here was to shy it seemed. Took him until he was 8 months to breed and by then it was out of season. I only had one doe bred last year. I had made an arrangement to buy another buck but the lady (even though I sent a 300 dollar deposit to hold him) sold him on me. Thus, I had only one baby this year. Some bucks take longer.