Woot! Six Goats Sold in One Day!

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by badnewsboers, Oct 31, 2008.

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    May 9, 2008
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    Ok, so they are Ken's goats who were sold. Still I was the one who did all the advertising and sent the buyers his way. And this does benefit me since my goats are kept with his and two of the ones sold are bullies. :greengrin: Plus I just love days like this when you sell so many at once.

    One man who I had been talking to since May finally actually put money down on some goats a few weeks ago. He brought the rest of the money today and took home 3 does and a buck. One of the does he bought is 83 AKA The Beast. I always joked that with a beard she'd look like a buck, that's how massive she is. He has the cutest little girl who he just got started showing goats in 4-h. The Beast's and the other does' kids should do really well on the circuit for them.

    The other buyer is a local man who came to look at the goats a couple times. He took a liking to Brownie the red paint doe and was supposed to come later that week to put down a deposit. Well we didn't hear from him for a few weeks but he ended up coming back today and buying Brownie and a young doeling born this year.

    Just to share, here is a picture of Brownie. This is from when her kids were still nursing on her so she's a tad bit underconditioned. Still you can see what a lovely doe she is.


    And this is the buck that was sold. He is off our old Remington son herdsire. You can see he is very flashy.

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    Oh that is wonderful news..........good going......... :) :thumbup:

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    Congratulations. That is always a great feeling. :clap:
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    Congrats on the sells!!! :stars:

    Those are some nice looking goaties!
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    Oct 26, 2008

    happy :dance: