Worms, FAMACHA & Ivomec

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    OK..so I took the FAMACHA certification course, learned how to do flotation and see worm eggs with the microscope and got my card and got a lot of information on current research, etc. re worms and worming decisions. But there is still so much debate on what to use, how to use it, etc. I would love opinions on this...

    My vet said inject it..but I have had better results giving the Ivomec injectable, orally 1CC/25 lbs, once and then 10 days later. FAMACHA says that injecting it tends to cause it to stay in the system longer and thereby causes worms to build resistence. Since I hate doing injections, this is fine for me...BUT the instructor also said that it should always be given by drenching syringe as using the regular syringe (minus needle of course) can end up not getting far enough back to the throat causing the suck reflex and the goat will just drool it out.

    As far as using Ivomec injection for lice, ticks, etc. I have had better luck dusting my guys every couple of weeks with Sevin. I just dust it lightly down their backs and gently rub it in..also rub it around their necks where ticks love to hide. Just keep it away from eyes and nose. There are some great Pyrethrin based roll on insect repellents as well. I cannot get near my goats with ANYTHING that sprays!

    As far as I can tell, the general idea behind the FAMACHA system is sound, but is really only workable if you have a small number of goats that you can check every couple of weeks and you have real control over your pasture and feeding. In theory, the idea that a healthy goat can maintain a certain level of worm load sounds logical...but I have seen really healthy goats go downhill in 48 hours to critical. On the other hand, the worms are becoming resistant to a lot of the medicines on the market..for instance Safeguard just doesn't work here any more.

    Is anyone in this group using the FAMACHA system exclusively as your worming guide?
    Do we EVER get tired of talking about worms?????????????? Never!!!

    Kat C.
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    oh thats wonderful that you were able to take that course. I would love to one day!

    I to do think that orally works just fine. And really if you know what you are doing with any type of drenching the goat will get most of it. It isn't that hard. Best also to just hold their mouth shut until they swollow if it is a large amount of something.But I rather do a few small doses then one large one if that is going to be an issue. Sticking the syringe or drench gun in the side of the mouth as opposed to the lips will ensure they dont' asperate either and they will swollow it. But so far I have never had them spit wormer back out at me :shrug:

    I do try to only worm my goats when they are pale - so in that way I guess I do follow the FAMACHA loosy but other then that I dont know much about the system as I am not versed in it, like I said I would love to go to a course.