Would anybody be willing to help me think of a herd name ???

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by MiddleRiver, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. MiddleRiver

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Northwest WI
    I finally have a very nice Alpine doeling that was born, and well, now i really need to pick a herd name and register it and my doeling. I was going to just use Middle River as thats what we call our farm, BUT, we don't plan on being here forever so when we move and are no longer on MR it just won't make sense, so i'm thinking long term.

    Plus, i really want a different name in front of my goat's reg. names, i'd like something unique, catchy, and/or something that means something ect. - but i am NOT a creative person, so really don't know where to start. ANY help would be just awsome ! Thanks !
  2. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    to help the creative people.

    is there any special goats in your background? what made you start into goats? Any special sayings or ideas you like?

    Since you don't want to do name that fits with your area (I understand that) somethign that is meaningful to you is good for a herd name since that goes with you wherever you end up

  3. sparks879

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    I have heard people using a combination of their and their spouses name. A combination of their childrens names. Like people do for some roads. there is a road here called Tianda ln. The first person who lived there got to name it. his daughters where tia and amanda. hence tianda. Maybe something like the first letter of your name and the first letter of your spouses name __&__ acres or alpines.
    I don't like imcorperating the breed into the herd name as you never know ehn you will get another or decide to change the name.
    Something catchy like a hot sauce name or something. there is a herd that goes by 5-a-larm. Sometimes it helps to think if a cute logo. thats how i got my herd name. i wanted to use a picture i had drawn of two goats butting heads, so my herdname is 2'tuf, i intentially mis spelled tough so that i could have less letters in the herd name and more for the goats name. Something you will want to think about, as you can only use thirty letters and spaces for your goats name. I have a friend whos herd name is octagon acres, her barn is eight sided.
    You could do something that means something to you. I know a guy who owned a herd with his mom, their herd name was M&M acres, stood for "mom and me".
    Something having to do with your first or most special goats. There is a 4-h girl here whos herd name is Sleeping Jasmine, Her first doe "jasmine" died suddenly and is sleeping as she says under their cedar tree..
    hope this helps.
  4. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    there she goes again making what I posted so much clearer, Thanks beth :D :cool:
  5. sparks879

    sparks879 New Member

    LOL sorry Stacey, I tend to ramble sometimes, go on and on on one little subject...
  6. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    nope its all good :D

    My brother always did that to me too. I would try to state something and he would just do it with so much less effort and with ease make it sound so much more convincing or understandable. It is the story of my life :shrug:
  7. alyssa_romine

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    Oct 4, 2007
    That is how I got my herd name and farm name....D&D's Majestic Fainting Farm. D&D stands for my husbands first initial and my middle initital....his full name is Donald Wayne Romine Jr. aka DJ....my name is Alyssa Dawn Romine

    That is how we got our farm name
  8. MiddleRiver

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    Oct 29, 2007
    Northwest WI
    Great ideas you all !

    I'm just gonna have to keep thinking though, as off the top of my head i really don't know what to say about myself to help you guys out - sorry about that, i'm just not good at this kind of stuff.

    I wouldn't mind a name pertaining to my area, just not may exact place - i live on Middle River road, on Middle River - so if i move from my house, it just won't make sense - but i'm sure we won't ever move to far from this area.

    I also like things that mean something in another language. Or something different/unique. Though at the same time i kinda like Middle River, which i will use should something else not turn up. Somthing stately, classy, odd, funny, powerful - anything, and when i see it i'll know if i like it or not.

    Beth, i like your herd name a lot - got anymore along those lines ? lol !

    So my plan is to get a list of names that everybody thinks of and then go over it with the man, and hopefully pick one :+)

    Thanks everybody !
  9. sparks879

    sparks879 New Member

    When i was nameing a buck a few years ago i used french names, he was a french alpine so i thought it fit. We ended up setteling on Parfait, which is french for perfect. I thought it fit, and then we ended up registereing him as pnutbusterparfait. Kind of sissy for a boy, but as he got older he was the biggest sissy of a buck i had ever owned.
    I did a little reserach for ya, and came up with this riviere, its french for river, or le fleuve, is french for a larger river, like the mississippi. Im not sure what kind of river you live near.
    I wasnt able to find anything for middle.
    I know a lot of your does are americans as mine are but french is always fun. I was trying to figure out something to go along with GT's name, but couldnt think of anything.
    Looked through last years ADGA membership directory at the herd names trying to find something that would give me an idea, came up with nothing. How about this, Someday you may want a simple logo to go along with your herd, what do you want that loga to entail? Two goats butting heads, a mom with a doe with a kid anything? Maybe that will give us some ideas.
    maybe some sort of plant that grows in your yard, or along the river, I dont know what kinf os stuff you have there. one of my other thoughts for my own were rhody'hill.
    Im drawing a big blank here....
  10. MiddleRiver

    MiddleRiver New Member

    Oct 29, 2007
    Northwest WI
    awwww thanks Beth for doing all this thinking/searching for me :+) Once i do get a heard name and can register my doeling, i'd like some help with that too :+) If i can find a good name combo, i'd like her reg. name to have GT's in there somewhere/somehow. For some silly reason i kinda whant to have imperfection in her name too - few reasons, i like the not true part of it, being that she really is perfect ( hehe, to me anyways ) so kinda for some humor if that makes sense. I also think it would make her stand out, and it's different. Plus, till yesterday due to being cramped in the womb her two legs ( left front and rear ) were crooked - not perfect - but they are straight as a whistle now - but she was imperfect when born :+)

    Ok, so back to the herd name - ooooops :roll:

    For a logo, i'd like two does butting heads ( going in for the butt from the rearing position even would be cool ) - i like tuff kind of stuff - but i also like humor and class, so i'd also like a logo of a doe doing the silly "look what i can do" leap into the air where they are slightly twisted - all four feet off the ground - you know what i'm talking about ? I'd also like one of a proud classy doe, just standing there showing it.
  11. MissMM

    MissMM New Member

    Oct 22, 2007
    McGregor, MN
    How about "Heartland Alpines" for a herd name?

    I'm not very creative either.
  12. gnomes'n'goats

    gnomes'n'goats Guest

    Oct 8, 2007
    My brain is still waaay too foggy to think of any good herd names but- I could send you some little drawings of possible logos for your farm.
    Could scan 'em and email 'em.

    Just a thought... you know I love to doodle! :rainbow:
  13. laststraw

    laststraw Guest

    Oct 6, 2007
    I've been working too hard and my brain is fried, but I was thinking... Wisconsin: lots of water, Lake Superior, fabulous cheese (of course, I think they mostly make it with cow's milk... no accounting for taste), and wild rice (aka Menomin - Menominee means roughly "wild rice people"). Menomin is kind of fun to say; I don't know if goats will eat the wild rice from up there?

    We named our doeling Eco which means "deer" in Muskogee; she looks like a little deer.
    I looked up the Menonmi language and found:
    Keso means both sun and moon
    Nepew means water
    Noohtam means hear (so, if she talks a lot...)
    P?s?h means both hello and good-bye (like aloha in Hawaii)

    Or, something about waterscapes... it wouldn't matter if you lived near a lake, river, etc. Waterscape Acres/Farm/Goats? Alpine Waterscapes? Perhaps too long, though.

    For the name of your doeling, how about Irregular Fit since she was "crooked" from "fitting" in the womb?

    You don't have to use any of this! Perhaps it might help someone who has slept lately - or is simply more creative than me - to come up with something brilliant!! :)
  14. sparks879

    sparks879 New Member

    ok i came up with a few fun ones for your logo ideas.
    twist'n'shout, knock'n'heads jump'n'shout jum'n'twist slam'n'heads i had some others earlier but i forgot them.
  15. MiddleRiver

    MiddleRiver New Member

    Oct 29, 2007
    Northwest WI
    I love the ideas and have them on paper so i can have Cliff go over them with me and help be pick something this weekend.

    I like a lot of them.

    gnomes'n'goaties - i'd love to see any logo drawings you come up with - as well as name ideas once you un-fog :ZZZ:

    Thanks !
  16. nancy d

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    Oct 5, 2007
    near Seattle
    Beth you came up with some great ones!

    Hmm...Rivers go wherever they please and you can't control them...

    Whatever you choose should be catchy & easy to remember as well as short.
    If you get a creative logo you can get alot of mileage out of it

    Stillbroke Farm

    Like you say, you"ll know it when you see it.
  17. MiddleRiver

    MiddleRiver New Member

    Oct 29, 2007
    Northwest WI
    Thanks for all the ideas ! I have them on a list, and this weekend we will be picking one. If DH and i can't agree on one we will just pick Middle River - if that does become my herd name, when i register my goats, instead of Middle River blaaablaaabla - can i do MR blaaaablaabla ?

    Does anybody like Northsky ? Does anybody have a way of looking to see if MR or Northsky or some of the others are already taken ?

    Thanks !
  18. Dover Farms

    Dover Farms New Member

    Oct 16, 2007
    NW Ohio
    I like Northsky! You could also do it like this North*Sky or something like that if you wanted to play with it a bit.

    Middle River is not taken...these are the only ones that come close:
    Middle Mountain

    Northsky is not taken...these are the only ones that come close:
    North Coast
    North County
    North Creek
    North Point
    North Star Farms
    North Sunnyside
    North View
    North-Country(I am surprised that they have this one and North County....they are really close and a lot of times if they're really close ADGA doesn't allow it)

    Let me tell you my experience with choosing my herd name. All three of my choices were not available. I was 11 at the time and I was sooo upset when that paper came back! So...I tried finding new names...came up with a couple and we called ADGA. One of the two I had picked wasn't available, but Dover Farms was. I know, it's boring, but I was 11 and uncreative at the time!! :roll: How I came up with that.....we live in Dover Township of Fulton County Ohio. :lol: I am going to be 15 this year and I could think of way better names than Dover Farms, but I guess it's too late now...and I've already registered goats. Turns out there was an old cattle dairy that was named Dover Farms...and that barn sits at the Fair Grounds! :)
  19. MiddleRiver

    MiddleRiver New Member

    Oct 29, 2007
    Northwest WI
    Thanks Dover Farms !!! I like your herd name, though, it would stink to have to try and come up with that many choices because they were all take !

    I like North*Sky ! Thats fun :+)

    Thanks for checking out if they were taken or not for me, i seem to have misplaced my book at home that has them in there, and i'm at work now anyways :+)
  20. Dover Farms

    Dover Farms New Member

    Oct 16, 2007
    NW Ohio
    Aww...well thanks! :greengrin: Yeah...it did stink! Although...none of them had anything to do with anything around me! :roll: I had Wild Acre Farm, Magnolia Acres, and Sunnyside Farm(or it might have been Sunnytime Farm...I can't remember!)....mind you I was 11. :lol: Nothing to do with my surroundings! My other choice besides Dover Farms was Evergreen Acres(we have lots of pine trees). Now looking at them all...Dover Farms is probably the best, because the others are kinda long. :)